air travel guide for vapers

Air Travel Guide for Vapers: Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Are you planning to travel, and are you a vaper? Then you might be wondering how to get away with these two predilections together. That is, can you take your vape and vape accessories with you on a plane? To begin with, can you get your paraphernalia through the gate? What about storing them on board?

This air travel guide for vapers will tell you about the dos and don’ts of internal customs pertaining to it, along with vaping on a plane. You need to make informed decisions about your vaping gear as you abide by pertinent rules and regulations. Apparently, you’ll want to avoid hassles when it comes to travelling and enjoying your habit.

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Taking Your Vape On A Plane

If you want to take your vape with you on a plane, you need to pack your accessories in your carry-on or hand luggage. It’s because airlines prohibit having e-cigarettes contained in the hold. Putting your e-cigs and accompanying articles in your checked luggage is bound to cause delays.

The reason for this is that e-cigarettes, being “electronic” in nature, are powered by lithium batteries, in the same way, that cellphones and laptops are. Lithium batteries, as fire hazard devices, cannot be stored in the cargo of a plane.

Just like your laptop, electronic cigarettes that have lithium battery components should not be left unattended when on board. 

Generally, your e-cigarette or your vape device/pen should be packed in your hand luggage. Your e-liquid or extra refills, on the other hand, can be placed in your hold luggage.

When taking e-juices or refills with you, see to it that they are enclosed in a sealed container or plastic bag. They should be protected from leaking, especially due to changes in cabin pressure.

The best means to avoid any unlikely incidents by far is to pack your vape and accessories in a vape carry case. You can have your “stuff” properly arranged and secured in this container because it is specific and tailor-made.

In a vape case, there’s ample space for holding your e-liquids, devices and accessories, including batteries. With this handy container, you can conveniently keep track of your paraphernalia even when you’re on the move. No need to rummage through the pit of your bag.

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Taking E-liquids On A Plane

You can take your e-juice accessory with you on a flight, but only to a certain extent. In that, there is a limit to the amount that you can bring.

The e-liquid that you can carry is limited to only 100 ml per variety in your carry-on luggage, particularly if you have packed a significant amount of the substance in your checked luggage already.

Certain rules apply to anything runny taken on a plane, from pesto to water, honey or e-liquid. Keep a rein on the number of short fill bottles that you bring along with you, such as for containing toothpaste, deodorant and other toiletries. Note that you need to allocate sufficient space in your bag for your e-liquid bottles.

Vaping On A Plane

Under any circumstance, you should NEVER ever attempt to use your e-cigarette on a plane.

You are allowed to lug your electronic cigarettes with you in your carry-on luggage (onboard) to primarily secure the safety of your device’s lithium batteries. They are essentially prohibited from being contained in your checked luggage because they are very risky items.

Having your vape device close by does not give you the leeway, in any way, to use it while you are on a plane. Severe penalties are imposed on people who do otherwise. Take note: You will be subjected to severe penalties if you vape on a plane.

The above is a very crucial matter, and aside from that, vaping while inside a plane is a behaviour that is discouraged to the utmost degree. It is an extremely selfish act that can seriously impact the movement as a whole.

Neither can you make off with it in the toilet because airlines have installed detectors in these facilities to identify perpetrators or those who steal-vape during a flight?

Vaping In The Airport

It is disappointing for vapers, but puffing e-cigarettes on the plane as well as in all UK airports is restricted.

Upon entering the terminal all the way to boarding the plane and reaching your destination, you are not allowed to vape, unless on that final point you come upon a designated smoking/vaping area.

In some UK airports, there are these allotted smoking and vaping sections, but they are typically located outside or at a far distance from the terminal.

Make inquiries with your departure airport prior to travel and find out if you can use your e-cigarette or not before boarding. You may need to do this because smoking and vaping policies are not so freely available in certain UK airports.

E-cigarette vapour is not as risky compared to tobacco smoke, making vaping not as precarious. Nevertheless, the activity is not allowed in the presence of infants and pregnant women.

Despite its minimal passive smoking risks in contrast to smoking, airlines and airports remain to strictly implement a no-vaping policy.

Remember Vaping Etiquette In Foreign Countries

Just in case, you should be ready to respond to all types of attitudes regarding your activity. Many countries around the world are still unfamiliar with vaping, and locals that you encounter would want clarifications about the hefty amount of vapour that you blow out.

But in the same manner, as you being a guest in a house, practice consideration. In your most practical sensibility, deem if it makes sense to blast clouds of smoke in an Indonesian temple.

Be particular, too, that what you think of as normal behaviour can appear alien and disconcerting to others in another land. It might come off to be unsettling to build your DIY coils all over even if you see some folks smoking cigarettes outside the premises of a cafe in Europe.


Vaping has become a popular trend, and you may think that it has become very common. But it is smart to do your research and be well-informed about the legalities and attitudes related to it in your planned destination.

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