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Are there any benefits to vaping?

Are there any benefits to vaping?

You have probably heard of vaping. Over the years, vape devices and products have increased in popularity. However, there are some who are completely in the dark when it comes to the benefits of vaping, especially considering the nearest substitute, traditional cigarettes.

In this article, Voom Labs, a reputable vape service provider, outlines the top benefits of vaping. Voom Labs has established itself in the vaping industry with its quality and reliable vape products and devices.

That said, let’s dive in.


You don’t have to change your lifestyle to afford vape devices. For smokers reading this article, you can enjoy significant savings by switching to vaping. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are expensive compared to vape products due to the tax element.

To start vaping, you might incur a higher initial cost outlay. You will have to buy the vape pen and other related accessories needed to enjoy your vape juice. The initial purchase is bound to last you a long time, provided that you take care of them. In addition, the recurrent cost in vaping is significantly lower.
For those looking to start vaping, Voom Labs has the perfect device for you. Check out the Voom Starter Kit at our online story. It is an affordable vape solution that offers a crisp taste with every puff.

The smell

You cannot dissociate smoking tobacco and the smell. Smokers constantly have the smell on their clothes and person on a daily basis. The smell of tobacco is strong and lingers in a room, even when a smoker lives. People tend to shun away from smokers once they get a whiff of tobacco.
On the other hand, vaping is quite different. The combustion of the e-juice happens in a controlled space. This limits the spread of smoke to your clothes and your surroundings. In addition, e-juice manufacturers provide different flavors that mask the smell of smoking.

A variety of flavors

One of the biggest attraction of vaping is its wide range of flavors. No what your preference of taste, you are bound to get a vape juice that will satisfy your taste. If you are menthol lover, have a preference of blackcurrant or are fascinated with the taste of ice cream, vaping is the way to go.
As the premier vape service provider in the UK, Voom Labs have established themselves as the company to go to. We have a wide range of flavors for our clients to choose from. If you need guidance on selection of your ideal flavor, get in touch with us today.

Nicotine intake

What makes cigarettes so addictive and harmful is the concentration of nicotine. The stimulant helps users stay alert longer, offers psychological reassurances and is very addictive. Nicotine addiction is very strong and is the cause why smokers find themselves yearning for smokes more and more.

When inhaled, nicotine is absorbed into the blood and gets transported to the brain. Once there, it increases the production of brain chemicals such as dopamine. Smokers feel relieved and soothed thanks to the alteration of the pleasure center by nicotine.

Vaping serves to control the amount of nicotine intake. Vape juice contain different nicotine concentration levels. The ideal vape service provider can personalize your amount of nicotine intake, slowly weaning your body and brain off the addictive element.

Your safety as our client is our highest priority. The designers at Voom Labs have refined our products, making them safe for consumption. We are dedicated and remain committed to our cause of helping smokers chart a non-smoking life.

Let us be part of your journey to a long and fruitful life.

Environmentally friendly and socially accepted

One of the reasons why smoking is looked down upon is the secondary effect to non-smokers. Simply being around a smoker is harmful to your health. It has been documented that secondary smokers can get lung infections and ailments if they stay with a smoker for too long.

Vaping is increasing in popularity because of its controlled combustion. In addition, the mask of the tobacco smell is another element to consider. When a person is vaping around you, all you can take in is the pleasant smell of blackcurrant, mango or any other flavor. Non-smokers can be in the company of a vape user without feeling irritated or as though they are shortening their life span.

Vaping is more socially acceptable as it considers the environment in which the user is in.

Is vaping better than smoking?

From our research and dialogue with clients, this is one of the most asked question. In previous years, vaping has been touted as a cessation tool and marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking. Studies and research have been conducted to confirm or deny the hypothesis.

We can confirm that this is the case. Vaping contains less amount of nicotine and therefore is kinder to your lungs, brain and body in general. It has also been proven that smokers who took up vaping to quit smoking were more successful in the long-run.

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You can now appreciate and acknowledge the benefits of vaping. For those who are looking to quit smoking and increase their days with their family and loved ones, vaping is the way to go. Not only is it kinder to the body, it has a reduced environmental impact and has been socially accepted.

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