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Benefits of vaping vs. smoking

Vaping vs. smoking the benefits

Is there any difference when you vape vs. smoking the traditional cigarette? In recent years, the focus has shifted from traditional cigarettes to vaping devices, also known as electronic or e-cigarettes. Are there any benefits to choosing vaping over smoking?

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The financial cost of smoking is significantly higher

Let’s take an example of a smoker who uses 10 to 15 cigarettes per day. Depending on the brand that they use, the smoker in question can spend around £1700 to £3000 per year. This can be partly be attributed to the addictive nature of nicotine which is discussed in detail further below.

Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking. The initial upfront cost will definitely be higher as you buy the vaping pen and other accessories. In the long term, vaping is cheaper. The price of purchasing cigarettes is only bound to increase due to the increments of sin tax on tobacco products.

Nicotine Intake

Vaping and smoking are similar in that they both entail combustion of nicotine. Nicotine has been documented as the element responsible for the addictive nature of smoking. Once inhaled, the stimulant is easily absorbed in the blood and transported to the brain. It alters the production of pleasure hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate moods and behavior.
The benefit of vaping comes in the reduced nicotine levels. Personalized vaping products allow the users to control the amount of nicotine in their vape juice. With a plan in play, you can constantly reduce the levels of nicotine in your vape products. This eases the withdrawal effects of nicotine as you chart your journey to a non-smoking life.

An effective way for those looking to quit

It is not that smokers are not aware of the effect that smoking has on their bodies. They do and have expressed their desire to quit smoking. The reason for their relapse is the addictive effects of nicotine.

Vaping is being prescribed as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) product, together with lozenges, gums and nicotine patches. The use of vape products has proven to be more successful than the others though.

A study conducted by the National Health Service, NHS, revealed that 18% of smokers who made use of vaping as a NRT product were able to successfully quit smoking after 12 months. This is almost double compared to the success of other orthodox NRT products such as lozenges and nicotine patches.

Secondary smoke

Smoking is not only dangerous to smokers but to non-smokers. Secondhand smoke exposes people around smokers to the more than 7000 chemicals and other carcinogenic elements in cigarettes. Secondhand smoke can lead to the development of respiratory diseases, asthma, heart diseases and stroke in passive smokers. For that reason, smoking is perceived as a social ill and smokers have never been accepted.

Vaping, on the other hand, is more socially acceptable due to the control combustion of the e-juice. In addition, the vapor produced by e-cigarettes doesn’t linger in the air as much. The vapor easily breaks down. People are more confident when they are in the company of a person who vapes than a person who smokes.

The production of harmful and toxic chemicals

It has been documented that tobacco cigarettes contain over 7000 chemicals. This has not added the by-products when the nicotine and tobacco burns. There are significantly fewer chemicals in the vape juices.

Compared to a tobacco cigarette, vape juices typically contain 4 key ingredients; nicotine, vape flavorings, vegetable glycerin (VG) as the base and propylene glycol (PG). A vape company may add a few other elements to improve on the flavor or in the crispiness.

The use of vape products is not only kinder on your body but also for those around you.

Fewer diseases

Lung problems are not the only conditions associated with the use of tobacco cigarettes. Other notable health conditions include cardiovascular diseases and muscular dysfunctions.
Research by the University of Dundee has shown that there are significant health benefits to choosing vaping from smoking. The researchers saw an increase in blood circulation and vessel function after just four weeks of ditching cigarettes and switching to vaping products.

Where to purchase the best vaping devices and products?

If you peruse the website, you are bound to find thousands of online vape stores. Since the vape industry and the products manufactured are not yet regulated, you are bound to find fraudulent companies, seeking to defraud you of your hard-earned money. Avoid bogus stores by trusting in a reputable vape store.

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In a nutshell

It is clear that there are benefits to taking up vaping. Vape devices are simple and easy to use for those who are looking to take it up for the first time. In addition, the pleasant odors make it socially acceptable and more environmentally friendly. If you are considering vaping, rely on the products and devices from the #1 online vape store.

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