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11 Best Gifts for Vapers [Any Occasion, Any Mood]

Best Gifts for Vapers

Vaping is the new cool as it is versatile, healthy and has amazing flavours for the best user experience. So, do you have someone in your life who loves to vape? So, whether the event is a birthday, anniversary, or you just want to make them happy, they’re gonna love your present. 

And here, we’re going to narrow your choices by listing some fantastic gifting ideas for vapers. These are helpful, fun, exciting and affordable all simultaneously (See Nic salt).

So, let’s have a look!

#1 Portable Charger

Does the vaper in your life travel a lot? Maybe, s/he attends festivals or likes a backup to the vaping tools! A compatible portable charger is a gift they will adore the most. A portable charger charges the batteries which are in the mod. Most chargers have a USB outlet compatible with the phone and vape mod. So, never make them run out of batteries with this thoughtful gift.

#2 Disposable Vape pen

Disposable vape pens are very affordable with single-use high-quality flavours. The power source is non-rechargeable batteries and has limited flavours of liquid and coil. The theory is especially perfect for the person who is new to this thing. 

Disposable vape pens have all the essential things in small quantities and are also suitable for travelling. It helps the receiver develop and try various flavours so that they can gradually transition to vaping.

#3 A Vape Sleeve, Case or Stand

A vape case or sleeve looks very stylish. It showcases the dedication of vapers towards this habit they love. Also, it keeps vapes hygienic and safe while travelling. A vape case or sleeve is padded, and it fastens vape pen, mod, and or bottles of e-liquid. 

Also, a vape stand is a luxury for people who have designated a place for vaping. You can place it in a perfect corner on a table. The stand has sections for accommodating all the vaping essentials. You can try personalised vape sleeves, cases and stands with names, attractive calligraphy and designs.

#4 Extra Coils

Buy 1-ohm vape coils for vape lovers, so they never run out of it. The coils are responsible for heating the e juice and evaporating at the simple click of a button. The coils heat up, and the cotton soaks the juice flavours. It processes vapours, so the coil is essential for the vape system. So, give them high-quality coils which will enrich their experience.

#5 Nic Salts E-Liquid

Don’t let the person stick to the standard vaping style. Instead, introduce the vape loving person the best among all. The ultimate experience of nic salts e-liquids is available in flavours like coffee, methanol, mango and many more. It’s best for someone who has quit smoking or trying to. 

It’s better than standard e-liquids as nicotine salts offer a nicotine dose very quickly. In addition, the throat impact is low with a smooth throat hit. Also, you can give various flavours in 20 mg packing. This gift will provide them with an experience out of the world, safe and thrilling.

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#6 A Subscription Box

Do something out of the box and give them a subscription. Yes, you read it right. The subscription system delivers pretty pods, flavours, e liquids, coils, boxes and whatever you want to include over a period of time. 

The subscription box is delivered after fixed intervals of time. This customisation is indeed an excellent idea for someone you know well. A subscription for a vaping enthusiast is a very thoughtful and long-term gift that will make both of you happy every time.

#7 Bluetooth Speaker Mod

Vape mods are more advanced than vape pens. They have higher batteries, flexible compatibility and much more. So, a Bluetooth speaker mod will be a fantastic gift for a person who loves to jam. The receiver can vape and play some soulful music with Bluetooth seeker mod. It’s an excellent idea for music lovers. 

#8 Vape Charms

Vape charms are accessories of the vape kit. They can be both meaningful and beautiful. You can give pendants, compasses, and empty bottles. They can be tied around the tank and are available in various categories like sports, surfer and much more. So, give them cute vape charms which can be attractive and valuable to make their toolbox aesthetically more pleasing.

#9 A Starter Kit

A starter kit is a perfect gift for a person who has just started vaping. They are available in all ranges and sizes. It has minimum liquids of all flavours and sizes with essentials. It’s a beginner tool kit and helps your receiver explore more. The ease of use of these kits is very beginner-friendly with detailed guides. So, customise or shop the perfect starter kit for a friend who will begin or just has begun vaping.

#10 High-Quality Bubble Glass

A vape tank bubble glass is the gift for professional vapers. The tank, which comes with vape pens and vape mods, are generally small. As a result, the refilling is full of hassle. So, give them the gift they will appreciate undoubtedly. High-quality bubble glass is gorgeous and has around 8 ml capacity. It will sort out all the refilling issues and let them enjoy it for a longer time.

#11 Unique Vape Juices

Help your vape person explore new flavours. Gift them a range of unique flavours like mint mania, ice mango etc. You can get the latest trial packs of fresh and unique flavours. Also, it will help them never get bored of any taste. The flavours are irresistible and a fun idea for gifting both beginner and professional vapers. 

Let’s Wrap it

Vaping is a beneficial resort to traditional cigarettes as they are not harmful. In addition, they provide bonus fun than regular smoking means. The electronic cigarettes in front of pens and mods are evolving to provide the ultimate experience to users. 

They are rechargeable, eco friendly and look very stylish. So, boost this healthy habit with unique flavours, mods, pens and accessories. So, pick your favourite gift idea from the ideas mentioned above. Then, let us know how it went. 

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