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12 Best Nicotine Salts Juices For 2022: Top Vape Flavours To Enjoy

12 Best Nicotine Salts Juice Brand 2022 ?

So, what the best tobacco flavour nic salts in 2022? Here are you top flavours to try this year in 2022. Nicotine salts are all the rage in recent years. In fact, to date, they are all the more becoming popular.

So what’s so great about nic salts e-juices, and how are they different from regular e-liquids and freebase nicotine?

Major vape brands, including,?? Frunk has created their own lines of DELICIOUS nic salts e-liquids ??. These e-juices are one of the best things in the vaping industry. If you are in the dark about these substances, this article is here, meaning to elucidate to you!

How Are Nicotine Salts Different From Regular E-Juice?

For one thing, regular e-juice, when vaped, produces huge amounts of clouds. If you were a former smoker, you should have noticed the disparity between smoking a cigarette and vaping.

Do you remember, way back in the early 2000’s when there was a 24 mg e-juice that tasted like charcoal? Inhaling it meant burning your throat and lungs with harsher hits, too.

Enter the best vape for nic salts as of late, and you’ve found the perfect solution to these dilemmas. Nicotine salts, with a chemical structure that contains high nicotine levels create a vaping experience that is very similar to smoking, but at the same time making the e-juice flavour prominent and giving hits that are smoother to the throat.

What About Freebase Nicotine? What Is It? ?

The average e-juice contains this substance- freebase nicotine. It is also commonly and typically contained in tobacco cigarettes, with tobacco companies utilizing it since the 1960’s. Nicotine is at its purest form in freebase nicotine, and it is therefore more potent. Being so, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

What Are Nicotine Salts? ?

Nicotine salts have the same chemical composition as nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Actually, its form is similar to that of salt, hence, nicotine “salt” in the said substance. Not that salt is added to nicotine salts, though.

Nonetheless, it is from this crude structure of nicotine in tobacco leaves that freebase nicotine is created. Freebase nicotine is a step up in this chemical process. 

Nicotine salts diverge from freebase nicotine in that it is mixed with benzoic acid. This allows you to vape it at lower temperatures and likewise deliver smoother throat hits. 

Apparently, nicotine salts have low pH levels, and the chemical reaction they create is akin to that of freebase nicotine wherein it is easily absorbable. 

The Best Nic Salt Juices Sold Online

Knowing about the best tobacco flavour nic salts and their benefits, you might be wondering what the best nic salt juices for 2022 are. Frunk has the perfect line of the best nic salt e-juices. There is a large range of such products from this brand.

Sold online, Frunk has the best 20 mg nic salts e-juices that are available in a variety of flavours. In as fast as 6 seconds, you can get your fix from this substance.

Nicotine salts e-juices are usually sold in a 50/50 mix. Low-powered devices such as vape pods or vape pens work well with them.

It is more pleasant to vape nic salts e-juices because of their high nicotine levels. They provide hits that are softer to the throat compared to regular e-juices.

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Top 12 Frunk Nic Salts E-Juices ?

#1 Apple Grapple Nicotine Salt 10mg ?

Apple Grapple nic salt juice for 2022Grape flavour is combined with apple candy in this salt nic e-juice. You can enjoy its fantastic taste which is sweet as well as tangy. Its nicotine content is available in 10mg and 20mg vapes.

See Apple Grapple Nic Salt

#2 Banana Man Nicotine Salt 10mg ?

Banana Man nicotine salt juiceThe thick and creamy base flavour of this e-liquid is mixed with the sweetness and smoothness of banana taste. Although rich, this tang is light. Nicotine doses of this nic salts juice is 10mg and 20 mg.

See Banana Man Nic Salt

#3 Berry Grooves Nicotine Salt 10mg ?

Berry Grooves nicotine salt juiceThis combination of best vape for nic salts is mixed berries- raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant- is utterly delectable. This berryful bunch work well together so deliciously to give you a delightful nic salt e-juice flavour. You can avail of this in 10mg and 20mg nicotine doses.

See Berry Grooves Nic Salt

#4 Blackcurrant Apocalypse Nicotine Salt 10mg 

Blackcurrant Apocalypse nic salt juiceThe taste of sweet blackcurrant is infused with a smooth dose of nicotine. Truly, this nic salts e-juice provides a stronger vape and is great for all-day vaping. Its nicotine levels are at 10mg as well as 20mg.

See Blackcurrant Apocalypse Nic Salt

#5 Blue Razzle Nic Salt 10mg

Blue Razzle nic salt juiceEnjoy vaping this exotic blue raspberry combination. Awesomely refreshing! Its aftertaste is delightfully cool. Vape it in 10mg or 20mg nicotine strengths.

See Blue Razzle Nic Salt

#6 Candied Apple Nic Salt 10mg

Candied Apple nic salt juiceThis salt nic e-liquid flavour is made of real apple taste, and it is splendidly sweet and crisp. You can vape it all day and have a great satisfying time. This is vapeable in 10mg nicotine or 20mg nicotine.

See Candied Apple Nic Salt

#7 Cookie Monster Nic Salt 10mg ?

Cookie Monster nic salt juiceAs a nicotine salts e-juice, this one is monstrous- a blend of cookie cream, caramel and chocolate. This is an explosive animal of a vape flavour that’s waiting to come out. Whether 10mg or in 20mg nicotine, you’re sure to have a blast with this best tobacco flavour nic salt.

See Cookie Monster Nic Salt

#8 Crushed Candy Nic Salt 20mg

Crushed CandyAre you looking for a mild and soft throat hit? This nic salts e-juice is perfect, especially if you love desserts. Pick it in 10mg nic strength or in 20mg nic dose.

See Crushed Candy Nic Salt

#9 Double Bubble Nic Salt 20mg

Double BubbleYour vape will be sweet, long-lasting and flavourful with this nic salt e-juice variant. Its bubble gum taste is absolutely luscious, popping a delish tang in your mouth with each puff. Its nicotine is available in 10mg or 20mg strengths.

See Double Bubble Nic Salt

#10 Fresh Mango Nic Salt 20mg 

Fresh MangoAre you fond of a sour overtone in your nic salts vape? This fresh mango tropical fruit blend is to die for. Indulge your passion for mango in 10mg nic dose or 20mg nic content.

See Fresh Mango Nic Salt

#11 Frunking Berg Nic Salt 20mg

Frunking BergExperience a surge so startling when you vape the Berg! This blend of blue raspberry flavours gives you the sensation of eating a blue slushie or a blue ice pop. Have a great vaping time with 10mg and 20mg nic content.

See Frunking Berg Nic Salt

#12 Lemon Zing Nic Salt 10mg

lemon zingThe taste of this nic salts juice variant is similar to the well-known lemon drizzle. However, its lemon taste is stronger. Whether in 10mg or 20mg nicotine doses, you’re guaranteed of a swell time!

See Lemon Zing Nic Salt

Best Vape For Nic Salts in 2022 Conclusion

These absolutely fantastic best nic salt juices for 2022 are sure to make you vape to your heart’s content with flavours that your taste buds will relish, and a splendidly smooth and satisfying throat hit (also the Wikipedia guide on salts).

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