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Best Vape Friendly Cities in the UK You Must Visit Once

Are you a habitual or consistent vaper? Then you surely must want to be in the company of kindred spirits and like-minded people. When it comes to your vaping lifestyle, that is. In that case, you should visit some of the most vape-friendly cities in the UK.

Vaping is a popular and ever-growing trend in the UK, and in fact, it is known to be the nation that is most accepting of vapers. It is the most vape friendly nation in the world.

Here, one smoker switches to vaping every four minutes. The Office of National Statistics, in particular, has a report citing that 56.7% of the smoking population in Great Britain quit their cigarette-smoking habit in 2015. That rate is the highest that has been indicated since 1974.

The e-cigarette industry is basically well-embraced in many cities in the UK. There may remain some establishments that do not easily take in the activity, but for the most part, especially in vape-friendly cities, numerous establishments allow it.

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So what vape-friendly cities in the UK should you visit at least once?

4 Most Vape-Friendly Cities In The UK

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a city that’s popular for being one of the most vape-friendly in the United Kingdom. For a span of 3 kilometres within this city, you’ll find 17 e-cigarette outlets. This means that vapers’ accessories and supplies are always nearby.

If you’re looking for a local pub where you can freely puff your e-cigs, there are several in the area. 

In Edinburgh Old Town, for instance, there’s the Washbar. Or if you’re hanging around near the University of Edinburgh, you’ll be comfortable staying at the Malones Irish Bar.

However, it is important to note that it is illegal to vape in trains, train stations and train depots in Scotland.

2. Birmingham, England

Ten vape stores are situated within a 3-kilometre distance in the city of Birmingham. There are a good deal of shopping outlets for vaping enthusiasts here. Some of the pubs where vapers can drop by are The Plough, The Flapper and The Shakespeare. 

There’s also the Gamecock Inn in the northeast part of the city, and this e-cigarette-friendly local favourite gives out cold beer while a band plays live music.

What’s, even so, amazing about Birmingham is that it is the hub of the largest vaping event in the UK. It is called the Vaper Expo UK whose venue is in Birmingham’s NEC exhibition centre. Newbies or pro vapers or those working in the industry will definitely find this event worth looking into.

3. London, England

There’s quite a lot to enjoy for e-cigs in London, with the city boasting of having 10 vaping outlets. You’ll come across a plethora of your vaping needs here, including e-liquids, vape kits, e-cigarettes and cartridges, among others.

An interesting place that you should call in on is the Vape Lab which is located on Shoreditch High Street. As a popular destination, it is the first of its kind as an e-cigarette coffee shop. While huffing intricately-designed electronic cigarettes, customers can enjoy sipping tasty old-fashioned coffee.

As a coffee-lover, you’ll relish the full array of organic and fair trade coffee that they serve. It is an absolute arcadia for e-cigs, too, what with its wide offerings of uniquely-flavoured vape juices. There’s everything that’ll cater to your tastes, from coconut to custard, along with gin and Cuban tobacco.

Then there’s the Horse & Groom Pub which is a choice location in the London area. Right outside Wilmington city, this is a favourite spot among vapers. This remodelled tavern is an award-winning one, perfect for dropping in for a pint or a swift munch.

The wine list of this place is impressive, paired with your choice of a full two or three-course meal. The Horse & Groom Pub is absolutely excellent for whatever gastronomic mood you are in.

4. Belfast, Northern Ireland

You’re bound to meet vapers wherever you are in Belfast. Huffing and puffing e-cigs is an extremely popular activity in Northern Ireland. At a 3 kilometre distance from the premises of the city centre, five vape shops are located.

Indeed, Belfast is every e-cig’s happy place- literally. A number of pubs in the area allow vaping, such as The Mermaid Inn, Victoria’s, and The Morning Star, to mention a few. McHugh’s, specifically, is one spot you should try, more so if you want to see a huge selection of Traditional Irish cuisine other than a pint. The food here is truly tantalizing, particularly when scrunched while watching live entertainment.

Vaping Rules and Regulations In The UK

As the most vape friendly nation in the world, the UK is completely welcoming of vapers. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the trend goes lawless in it. There still are laws that regulate the practice in its cities.

In case you are planning to visit any of the cities mentioned above or any of the cities in the United Kingdom for that matter, you have to understand the rules and regulations that apply pertaining to the use of e-cigarettes.

The UK law, for one thing, specifies that it is the business owners’ prerogative to allow or disallow their patrons and employees to puff e-cigarettes in their establishments. Public Health England has organized a framework to assist this sector in creating fair and reasonable policies. Vaping has to be distinguished from smoking, and pertinent policies have to be established in relation to the practice’ probable harm to bystanders. Children have to be protected and smokers are encouraged to stay smoke-free.

In the same way, businesses have the right to ban vaping in their locations if they consider the activity to be harmful to others.

Many cities in the United Kingdom prohibit vaping in airports, trains and buses. Likewise, e-cigarette puffing is not allowed in hospitals in Scotland, but it’s OK in England or Wales. A majority of sports stadiums in the nation regard vaping to be the same as smoking and therefore prohibits it.


When visiting the vape-friendly cities in the United Kingdom, and those otherwise, see to it that you are well-informed about their respective vaping rules and regulations. While your destination may be vape-friendly, don’t forget to be considerate to other people and its government.

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