What can I mix with my vape juice
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Can You Add Anything to Vape Juice?

We can all identify with that one vape juice that we really wanted to enjoy but ended up finding to be tasteless and boring. Can we add flavour to vape juice? is a typical question we all have. The quick response? Yes. The lengthy answer is that it’s a challenging procedure that calls both skill and perseverance.

In this post, we’ll discuss the many techniques you may use to transform your bland e-juice into a tasty masterpiece. Let’s get started by discussing various possibilities for both novice and experienced vapers.

What can I mix with my vape juice?

What can I mix with my vape juiceEven nic-salt liquids may be flavoured with other flavours when used as e-liquids. However, avoid mixing nic-salt solutions with liquids that include free-base nicotine. Each of these liquids is designed specifically for use with a certain gadget. Though forums are a great place to get suggestions for flavour combinations, mixing e-liquids may be tricky at times.

First off, it will be challenging to recreate the flavour unless you utilize precise amounts. Second, stick to combinations of flavours that work well together, such as caramel and cookies, peaches and mango, and vanilla and coffee. Finally, make sure that the VG/PG ratios of the two vape liquids are the same (70/30, 60/40, or 50/50).

Always feel free to mix e-juices from the same brand. In the end, you’ll be catering to your taste buds, so you may always mix and match what you believe would be tasty. Even though blending readymade e-liquid is typically the quickest and simplest way to add flavour to vape juice, you can become annoyed by the inconsistent taste combinations and the inconvenience of having to use two vape juice liquids at once.

There is another, slightly more sophisticated method of adding flavour to your e-liquid. You may use flavourings to improve the flavour of your existing e-juice rather than creating it from scratch! You may recall that there are a number of well-known flavouring products (TPA, TFA, Capellas, LA, FA, etc.) that provide practically any taste imaginable.

If you do decide to add flavours, bear in mind that doing so can dilute your vape juice’s nicotine content, especially if you use intense flavourings (up to 2mls). You won’t notice much of a change in your nicotine level if it’s only a few drops.

Additionally, the nicotine amount of the final product will alter if you combine two e-juices with different nicotine strengths (for example, one juice with 6mg of nicotine and one with 3mg of nicotine). It’s recommended to combine two e-liquids with the same level of nicotine.

10 best ways to enhance vape juice flavours

1. Change Your Wattage and Temperature

Temperature has an impact on flavour, just like any other interaction between heat and flavour. Your juice’s components could taste richer or sweeter depending on the temperature.

The type of flavour you receive will depend on the setting that controls the coil’s heat. Flavour chasers choose complex gadgets over those with fixed power and voltage.

Every liquid has a preferred temperature that varies. Some foods taste fantastic at 20W, while others taste better at 30W. The temperature of your gadget and coil ultimately makes the largest effect.

To get the ideal temperature, turn it down at first and then gradually turn it up.

2. Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

Your own tongue can be your biggest obstacle to maximizing your flavour. After experiencing the same flavour for an extended period of time, your tongue may get weary.

To maintain your taste buds in good health, be careful to explore new flavours and drink lots of water. You can’t possibly obtain the best flavour from your vape juice if your tongue is already worn out.

Try sucking on a lemon or inhaling the aroma of new coffee beans to refresh your palate if your tongue is feeling tired. Just make sure you give yourself enough time between doses to get the finest flavour by mixing it up.

3. Proper E-Juice Storage

You might not be getting the best flavour from your vape juice because of your e-juice. The flavour of e-liquids may deteriorate due to improper storage. Make sure it’s kept somewhere cool and dry. Juices of superior quality age like excellent wine and get better with time (within limits). Over time, flavour notes might get longer.

Reduce the heat and open air that your e-liquids are exposed to. To enhance the flavour of your e-liquid, experiment with different storage methods.

4. Limit Airflow

The best ally of cloud chasers that enjoy releasing large plumes is airflow. Vapour may produce enormous clouds when there is a lot of airflow passing between your coils. But a lot of your flavour is lost when you do this.

The airflow needs to be stopped by flavour chasers. Vaping that is warm and dense carries a lot more flavour. You’ll discover that you have a lot more control over your flavour if you have an adjustable airflow system.

If your airflow is blocked, the vapour may become too hot to appreciate. Try out other settings.

Your bore size has the power to alter events. Your vapour chamber’s width will also impact flavour. Try smaller airflow for the greatest vapour flavours, but make sure the temperature is still tolerable.

5. Get A Good Atomiser

How much flavour you receive from your e-cigarette depends largely on the atomizer.

E-cigarettes with top coils have the atomizer on top. This indicates that flavour depends on the wick and that you could not obtain a strong flavour.

The flavour of bottom-coil atomizers is significantly superior. To obtain the flavour all the way to the top, there is less strain on the wick.

Additionally, make sure your tank is working well. Some tanks encourage the creation of flavour.

The atomizer head is the most crucial component. More airflow results from larger coils. Ensure that the tank has a tiny bore coil.

The finest experience is provided by rebuildable atomizers if you’re a real flavour chaser. This is the best option for vapers who feel comfortable making their own coils. Vaping allows for degrees of customization that are impossible to achieve with off-the-shelf products.

Different coils can maximize flavour for technically minded smokers. This strategy could be worth trying for serious flavour chasers.

6. Below-coil Airflow

The finest vapour flavours rely heavily on the airflow openings. Although it’s preferable to position the air holes at the bottom, placing them on the sides of your coil is OK.

A direct channel is created for the flavour to travel up the mouthpiece by airflow below your coils. Consider where your airflow holes are while looking for a dripping atomizer.

Using under-coil airflow will maximize the taste potential of your vaporizer. To determine which coils are best for you, try a few different ones. When it comes to getting the most flavour out of your e-juices, this may be the component that makes the largest impact.

7. Get a Narrow-bore Drip Tip

Unbelievably, the drip tip you use has a significant impact on your flavour. Larger bore drip tips are used with modern atomizers and tanks. However, this will simply result in the generation of clouds, cooler vapours, and airier vapes.

Look for a tank or atomizer that will accept a thinner tip while you are searching for new equipment. The best approach to maximize the flavour of your new atomizer is to do this.

The best flavour is typically produced by thinner drips.

8. Keep Everything Clean

Smokers who value flavour should maintain a clean system, just as you would wash your milk glass before pouring a beer into it. You might want to rinse your wick, coils, and tanks each time you switch your vape juice. Always vape from a clean system for the finest flavour in juice.

Take apart your clearomiser, give everything a warm water rinse, and give everything time to dry. Use a backup head if you have one while the first one dries.

Systems with rebuildable atomizers make it simple to change the wick. Fire the coil after removing the previous wick to thoroughly dry everything out. After it has cooled, put in your new wick and start vaping.

9. Choose quality materials

The type of flavour you end up with will be greatly influenced by the wicking material you use. Despite being widely used in e-cigarettes, silica wicks have a tendency to dull flavour. Vapers now choose cotton above all other wick types.

Japanese cotton currently comes in an organic variety and is highly advised. It is available in square sheets and is a common material for atomizer coils. Your e-liquid will have a distinct flavour and will wick more effectively than most other substances.

Cellucotton, sometimes known as “cotton bacon,” is a recently trending option. Additionally, some smokers use ceramic wicks. They endure a long time and are heat resistant.

To determine which alternatives are best for your vaping style, try out a few different ones.

Examine your possibilities for wiring as well. Kanthal is a fantastic coil material that will provide a clean, natural flavour.

Your vape flavours will significantly expand if you keep experimenting with temperature management. The flavour will have a strength that you have never experienced before.

You’ll have superior flavours as long as you stay away from things like nickel. The taste of some metals, however, can impair your vaping experience.

10. Use High PG Juices

Your juices’ PG/VG ratio has a significant impact on flavour. Over time, most vapers will come to have some sort of preference. Because they will end up with large clouds, cloud chasers will search for high VG.

However, flavoured chasers are not the best match for high VG drinks.

High Vegetable Glycerine (VG) juice has a slight sweetness and is mostly tasteless. It struggles to convey flavour in the same manner as PG does. Because of this, superior flavours often contain Propylene Glycol (PG).

A high PG juice will give you the best flavour, but the throat hit may be a little harder. When smoking higher PG flavours, use caution.

Half and half should be your optimal ratio. The flavour will be the greatest and the throat punch will be moderate. Test PG levels of 50–60% for optimal taste.

Once more, explore to find out what suits your palate and vapes the smoothest. Each vaper has its own style. What you find to be the greatest tasting is all that counts.

Final Thoughts

You may select to combine any combination of tastes either in the tank or, if you’d like, in a beaker using an e-juice blender. If mixing in the tank is your preferred method, start with half a tank at a time. Make notes on your procedure if you’re utilizing DIY e-liquid tools so you can change it as necessary. To allow the flavours to meld, some seasoned vapers advise steeping new e-liquid for a few days.

Remember that a little goes a long way when adding tastes like menthol or smoke. Additionally, be sure the flavours you’re purchasing are made particularly for e-liquid consumption and not just oil extracts. Don’t add any lavender essential oil to your vape juice, even if it would seem easy enough to do so. Not everything that resembles e-juice is safe for vaping or inhalation.

When you discover flavours and brands that suit you, stick with them. You may pick a system that suits your vaping preferences from the wide variety of temperature control and wicking choices available.

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