Can you refill disposable vapes?
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Can You Refill Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes have become a popular trend in the market nowadays, and it is because of the exhilarating vaping experience that consumers get. It is convenient, portable, and it is straightforward to use.

These disposable vaping devices are built with a cartridge containing e-juice and a battery, so consumers do not have to set them up before using them. There are many flavours of vape juice to choose from; they come in different sizes and may contain nicotine.

To answer the question, the simplest and most logical answer would be: “No, you should not refill them, but you can refill them.” The reason is that disposable pens are meant to be a one-time use if either the battery or the liquid runs dry.

Ever since disposable vapes entered the market, many vape enthusiasts have tried to hack their way into using disposable vapes for as long as possible. One of those methods is attempting to refill the tanks with new liquid to make the most out of the disposable vape.

Most vape enthusiasts advise and recommend that if one would like to use a disposable vape device for a longer time, choosing non-disposable vape devices would be better and more efficient.

One should also keep in mind that every vape pen is built differently. Most popular disposable vapes cannot be tampered with because they are initially designed not to be opened and only used after purchase. So if these devices were to be opened, you might be unable to fix them back, destroying the whole device.

Why do vapers choose to refill disposable vapes rather than buy new ones?

Some people might think it is not ideal to refill a disposable vape because it is meant to be used and discarded after. However, there are advantages to knowing and learning how to refill them, ideally because refilling them promotes less waste.

Additionally, learning how to refill a cartridge helps users to save money because they definitely can make the most out of their unused battery or e juices. Buying e-juice in bulk is way cheaper than buying disposable vapes on a regular basis.

Pros and Cons of refilling disposable vape pens


In terms of convenience, using them would prove to be more convenient and user-friendly because they are easy to use, and you can enjoy the best part without hassle.

It also does not require maintenance because after emptying the whole thing, you can discard it to the nearest bin for e-cigs.

Another thing to consider is that it is more lightweight than a regular vape device, so it is portable and travel-free.


We must admit that disposable vapes are certainly not the most eco-friendly option. Even if only a quarter of the adult population would use them, that is still a lot of plastic and battery waste.

That is why it is preferable that beginners should try using disposable vapes first before gravitating toward using a more permanent habit.

Additionally, disposable vape pens are way more expensive on a long-term basis. If you would compute your annual expense on this habit, you’d be paying way more than you should. Also, you would be surprised to see that you’d be spending double the amount.

It is also unfortunate that most of them have limited flavours to choose from. It is better to choose a vape that is purposely used to refill.

Steps to follow in refilling your disposable vape pen

Now that we have covered most of the things you have to take note of before considering tampering with your disposable vape pens, these are some of the basic steps you have to follow in order to properly refill them without breaking them or destroying it.

Step one – Opening the vape pen

You will have to unscrew the vape pen’s mouthpiece by twisting it off the pen. Give it at least three full counterclockwise rotations until the thread that holds it in place is loosened.

If it is not doable, that just means the vape pen is not meant to be opened and refilled. Otherwise, you can place the mouthpiece somewhere safe for later use, for you will have to put it back.

Step two – Refilling the vape pen with e-liquid

With the help of a syringe or an eyedropper, you have to fill the cartridge with e-liquid. Syringe proved to be more efficient for it provides lesser risk in refilling the cartridge where e-liquid leaks could damage the whole process.

Also, a syringe is perfect for things that involve filling small amounts of liquids, like vape juice, in smaller containers.

You also have to be careful not to overfill the cartridge. Most cartridges are typically designed only to hold one or half a gram of juice. Determine the size of your cartridge to avoid overfilling; otherwise, you would not be able to use the whole device properly.

Step three – Putting the mouthpiece back

Grab the mouthpiece from where you placed it and then screw it back to the cartridge. You have to be careful and make sure that you screw the mouthpiece firmly.

But do not overdo it because if you screw it too tightly, the whole cartridge might break. Remember that the pen is flimsy and can easily be destroyed.

You might want to do some essential research to determine which vape pens can be opened without destroying them. Additionally, cartridges are also different because some tanks cannot be refilled, making it even harder and more expensive to know if they can be preserved.

Some tanks easily break when tampered and other tanks, when opened, simply mean opening but can not be fixed back. As a result, the vaping device cannot be used anymore and becomes a total waste of effort and time. So you have to do a lot of research before proceeding.

You also might want to consider the fact that it is less likely that you can perfectly execute it on the first try. So, you also might want to do a lot of practice.

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