Does Vaping Cause Lung Problems
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Does Vaping Cause Lung Problems?

Can Vaping Cause Lung Issues? the facts

Smoking has been the primary cause of severe lung problems, including lung cancer. To aid them in quitting smoking, some smokers have taken up vaping. However, other young people and adults believe that vaping is not as harmful as smoking.

As a relatively new product in the market, the research on vaping and its effects are not yet conclusively. But since vape products have a low nicotine concentration, the general public needs to know whether vaping causes lung problems.

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Does Vaping Cause Lung Problems?

What is vaping?

We are not ignorant that there might be some readers who are aware of what vaping implies. Vaping is similar to smoking (you will see products online such as multi vapes). It involves the burning of products which are then inhaled through the nostrils. Using conventional cigarettes, tobacco burns, and the smoker inhales the smoke.

Vaping, however, makes use of electronic products. Hence, vaping devices are at times referred to as electronic or e-cigarettes. When inhaled, the machines heat a liquid into a gaseous state which is then inhaled. Hence, the liquid is known as e-liquid or vape juice.

Vape juice contains four essential ingredients: nicotine, water, flavorings, and a vegetable glycerin base or propylene glycol. E-juice comes in thousands of flavors, ranging from mango to banana to candy.

Some specialists have compared the delivery system of vape products to that of a nebulizer used by people with lung conditions or asthma. The products are effectively and quickly delivered to the lungs in a gaseous state.

How vaping affects the lungs

Experts and researchers are yet to gain a complete picture of the effect of vaping on the lungs. However, some lung diseases are associated with the use of vape products. They have been detailed below:

Popcorn Lung

The term ‘popcorn lung’ has its roots in the popcorn industry. Its scientific name is bronchiolitis obliterans. The condition’s main symptom was damage to a person’s airway. The cause of it was a food additive known as diacetyl. Diacetyl is used to simulate flavor in microwave popcorn.

To enhance the taste of e-juice, diacetyl is used in small amounts. The symptoms of popcorn lung include shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing, and coughing. These symptoms are evidence of the effect on the airways.

Lipoid Pneumonia

This form of pneumonia develops after fatty acids, found in vape juice, enter the lungs and cause inflammation therein. The common symptoms of lipoid pneumonia include shortness of breath, chronic cough, and coughing up blood.

Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Also known as a collapsed lung, spontaneous pneumothorax occurs when a hole in your lungs where oxygen can escape. In a typical medical case, this can be the effect of a knife wound or gunshot. It can also occur when air blisters on your lungs, creating tiny tears.

Symptoms of spontaneous pneumothorax include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and a sharp chest. In addition, collapsed lungs are often associated with smoking. And since vaping has come into the picture, the new trend can also cause spontaneous pneumothorax.

The disease has various treatment options. Rest and oxygen treatment has been known to be known options. For more severe cases, spontaneous pneumothorax patients require leaked oxygen to be removed from the body using a chest tube. Surgery might also be needed to repair the hole in the lungs.

Does vaping cause cancer?

The relation between smoking and cancer has been researched, evidenced, and documented. Smoking has been known for causing over 10 different types of cancer including, mouth, throat, lung, and bowel cancer.

Smoking causes lung cancer by affecting the delicate lining on the linings. Carcinogens, cancer-causing substances, cause irreversible damage to the lung tissue with every inhale. In addition, due to the gaseous state of the carcinogens, the lung cells’ structure starts to change and eventually to leads to lung cancer development.

This is a worthy concern for those using or considering to use vape products. The risk of getting cancer has been directly related to the amount of smoke and the length of time you smoke. Since cigarettes have a concentrated amount of nicotine, the risk of getting cancer from vape products is significantly lower.

Is it without any benefits?

Despite the ills of vaping detailed above, vaping comes with its own set of benefits and advantages. It has been evidenced that vaping has helped ease addicts into quitting smoking. Vaping is now being prescribed by doctors and other specialists as a nicotine therapy product, NRT.

The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has made its position clear on the use of vapes and other e-cigarette products. It acknowledges the potential of the products. But similar to cigarettes, vaping is not recommended for teens, young adults, and pregnant women.

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