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E-cigarettes are NOT a Gateway into Regular Smoking for Teenagers: Study Finds

E-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes and also aids in leaving the habit of traditional smoking. In addition, the nicotine quantity is far less in e-cigarettes, making it safer than standard cigarettes. Well, the vaping habits of teenagers don’t increase the odds of them turning into smokers. So, to justify the correlation, certain studies have been conducted.

Well, let’s find out all the facts and statistics.

The Study of University of London

So, the research of the University of London outcasted the earlier study claiming that teenagers who use e-cigarettes turn to smokers. So, a thorough investigation was conducted by the University of London.

The professionals examined the people aged 16 to 24 between 2007 and 2018. They specifically looked for the use of e-cigarettes and tobacco products. After an extensive study of this age group for so many years, the result was:

  • The researchers didn’t find any correlation between vaping and becoming regular smokers. And of course, stated that it’s not a gateway to becoming a smoker.
  • In addition, the study stated that, in the worst-case scenario, one out of ten teenagers could turn into a smoker while using e-cigarettes. The chances of this possibility due to the use of e-cigarettes are less.

UK Government to cut VAT on Vaping Products

The e-cigarettes are, of course, not entirely safe as they contain nicotine. However, the quantity is far less than cigarettes, making it a healthier habit than smoking. All accept this fact, and thus the Government is also looking forward to it.

So, today, The Local Government Association asked the UK Government to reduce Value-added tax (VAT) on vaping products like e-cigarettes. This will help people quit smoking if vaping products’ prices are lowered.

The local Government association asked for a lowering of the VAT from 20% to 5% to make them equal to nicotine gum and patches. The lower rates will attract more people towards this healthier option.

Will England Become First Country to Prescribe Vaping?

After the studies, England is set to become the first country to recommend vaping so that its citizens can leave traditional harmful smoking. But the jury is still a little confused about how helpful it is. But, the majority of people are recommending e-cigarettes as it has far fewer side effects than the other one.

What are the Other Vital Facts Related to E-cigarettes and Regular Smoking?

So, UCL researchers studied smoking data for eleven long years. They used a national database in England for the study. Data came from the Smoking Toolkit Study, which has interviewed around 300 families per month since 2006.

In the survey, people were asked what kind of tobacco product they use and are addicted to. The results are:

  • Out of People aged 16 to 24, 30.5 per cent were regular smokers who loved traditional smoking.
  • The vapers among them were 2.9 per cent.
  • After analyzing people, the researchers found no relation between traditional smoking and e-cigarettes.
  • Also, they believed that e-cigarettes have become popular, and there’s a gradual decline in regular smokers.

Lead author Dr Emma Beard, a behavioural scientist, said: ‘These findings suggest the significant gateway effects reported in previous studies can be ruled out, particularly among those aged 18 to 24. However, he also mentioned that a small gateway effect is still there, and we can’t completely rule it out.

So, according to the above research, around 50,000 people from this age group can quit smoking and go for e-cigarettes. But also due to the small gateway effect and worst-case scenario, about 7000 out of 74000 can switch to regular smoking from vaping.

Professor Lion Shahab, senior author and health psychologist said that these researchers are more crucial than other government bodies’ facts. The study is extensive, performed through years, and provides exact analytical data. The scenario now is quite evident with these facts and statistics.

Researchers also debated that e-cigarettes are less harmful and a gateway to regular smoking. So, lowering the VAT and other duties on e-cigarettes and all vaping products will drive more people to choose this healthier option which is safer.

In addition, the reduced cost will attract teenagers who can’t afford expensive products. This will lead to mass switching, and the results will be evident in a year or two. So, the Government has this alternative for making people opt for less harmful habits.

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Bottom Line

The recent study and facts do not show any significant correlation between e-cigarettes and catching regular smoking. The vapers who turn smokers are few. Well, e-cigarettes are a good option for switching from smoking.

The Government realizes its advantages and soon may cut taxes on vaping products. The mass switching will show its results soon, and let’s hope it’s for all good. So, let us know your views and keep reading to catch all the buzz around the topic.

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