What is in a frunk bar?

The Frunk Bar is a pre-filled disposable device with a pre-charged 400mAh battery and a vape pod packed with 20mg salt nic in a variety of delectable tastes.

How many cigarettes are in a frunk bar?

Capable of outlasting 20 cigarettes, each Frunk Bar can deliver between 800 puffs and the 400mAh built-in battery will last as long as the e-liquid.

How many puffs are in a frunk bar?

2ml of e-liquid are contained in each disposable Frunk Bar device. Integrated Pre-Charged Battery, 420mAh. 800+ Puffs Per Device on Average

How long do frunk bars last?

Depending on how frequently you vape, your Frunk Bar should last between 1-3 days before the battery expires.

Is there nicotine in frunk bars?

Yes, there is nicotine in Frunk bars.

How do you use a frunk bar?

To vape, simply inhale. After the liquid has finished, discard the device. Because of its small size and lightweight, the Frunk is ideal for use while travelling, commuting, on dates, or even as a backup device. Each has a 400mAh battery and holds 800 puffs with 2ml of e-liquid.

Why did my frunk bar flash?

The majority of disposables have a light that indicates when the gadget is being used. If the battery is running short on power, this indicator can turn red. Alternately, it might flicker, which is usually another indication that the battery is running low.

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