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Electronic Cigarette Accessories Wholesale Supplier In The UK

At Frunk, we want you to be able to quit smoking without experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms! Electronic cigarettes have already been proven to be the most effective way to begin the “stop smoking” process.

We also offer a large choice of wholesale from nicotine salts, disposable vape & vape pod devices, to make the vaping experience even more enjoyable. From e-cigarette battery chargers to Vape Pen Tanks to carry cases, coils, and more, we have it all. You may enjoy uninterrupted smoking sessions with our wholesale E-cigarette supplies since we give high-quality replacements when your current device breaks down.

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Features of The Wholesale Frunk Bars


– 400mAh Battery
– 2ml Capacity
– Draw Activated
– Upto 800 Puffs
– 20mg Salt Nicotine
– Mouth To Lung
– Disposable

Frunk Contents:

1x Frunk Bar Disposable Device



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