How do you Know if it's a Real Puff Bar
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How do you Know if it’s a Real Puff Bar?

The top disposables on the market include Puff Bars. They are ideal for seasoned vapers and ex-smokers alike since they feature a broad variety of tastes and are thoughtfully constructed. However, copycats and fakes plague them, just like they do with all popular items. We’ll show you exactly how to tell phony Puff Bars from real ones in today’s blog. So, if you’re prepared, let’s begin.

What is a Puff Bar?

Puff Bar disposable e-cigarette pens are sold by almost every retailer of electronic cigarettes. The vaping world is infatuated with these exquisitely crafted and mouthwateringly flavorful nicotine e-cigarettes! The typical single-use vaporizer gadget has a premium 280mAh battery and can provide excellent puffs up until the last drop of e-juice while containing 1.4ml of mouthwatering e-liquid.

Why Are There Fake Puff Bars?

It’s just a matter of time until copycats and counterfeiters attempt to match the popularity of the original, as is the case with any successful product. This could be OK when it comes to products that don’t damage you, such as clothing, shoes, and gadgets, but when the counterfeit product has an impact on your health and wellbeing, there is a severe risk involved.

Because of this, many trustworthy manufacturers of disposable products have developed anti-counterfeiting technologies to ensure that their consumers can tell whether or not the puff bar they buy is real.

Real Vs Fake Puff Bars – How to Tell the Difference

The market for disposable vapes has been invaded with fake Puff Bars. Nowadays, true e-cigarettes are hard to get by. Having said that, real Puff Bars do exist.

A misunderstanding was dispelled by the official Puff Inc. company: Puff Bars were NEVER prohibited in the United States. The e-cig company deliberately halted U.S. sales in order to develop a unique anti-counterfeiting technology, which was just put into use.

Puff Bar Inc. commenced selling to carefully chosen vape shops that had been approved in August 2021. The most recent data and resources are offered by Puffin Vape Shop, a licensed retailer of genuine Puff Bars, to ensure the legitimacy of nicotine devices.

Here, we’ll concentrate on showing you how to distinguish a fake Puff Bar from a genuine one, and you can accomplish this by looking for the five items listed below:

1. QR & Authentication Code – Best Way to Verify

Checking the QR code on more recent smartphones may be the most effective way to differentiate a fake from an authentic Puff Bar. By scanning the DNA Tag QR code with your phone, you may find out whether a product is genuine or not by going directly to after taking a picture of the tag.

This new system is more sophisticated than just inputting an SKU code or utilizing a scratch code. It functions just like a fingerprint, according to the technology’s developers. It employs a special set of algorithms developed by an artificial intelligence network to produce an original label that is hard to reproduce and geolocates the devices constantly, enabling the brand to learn where counterfeit goods are being produced.

2. Colouring and Design

Be wary of fonts and markings that are pixelated or discoloured. Ensure that the gadget itself, the interior wrapper, and the pack are all the same colour. Because there are some design variations, taking a photo of the PUFF DNA label is the most reliable way to determine whether the Puff Bar is a fake.

3. Font

You most likely purchased a fake if the font is a different size or the packaging writing has minor variations. The letters should all be the same size and in the same font throughout. If you find a package that does not fit these requirements, it is likely a fake.

4. Pay Attention to Taste

You may also test the vape juice to see whether your Puff Bar is fake. You most likely have a fake if it tastes slightly scorched or tastes strangely different from the flavour described on the label. Puff Bars veterans and long-time consumers may be able to distinguish genuine Puff Bars from fakes based only on flavour, however, in rare instances, some genuine disposables may include production flaws.

Even so, the original Puff Bars deliver crisp, flavorful hits. If this isn’t the case, you most likely purchased a fake. To ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste, make sure to purchase from a business that gives a satisfaction guarantee.

5. Specs

The brand only sells the Standard, Plus, and Flow versions as of this writing. Each of these models has unique requirements, which the imitation models might not always follow. Check the specifications of the Puff Bar you purchased again to make sure they match since having a fake on your hands might indicate that there are more puffs or a more potent or less potent battery.

Other Signs You Have A Fake Puff Bar

In addition to the warning indications listed above, there are more indicators that can help you determine if the Puff Bar you are holding is a fake. In the section below, we’ll go through the most significant ones so you’ll be better equipped to check your gadget.

1. Blue Light

Checking the LED light that is included with every Puff Bar is one of the quickest and easiest methods to determine if you have an authentic product. Every time you take a hit on real Puff bars, a blue LED light illuminates. Your Puff Bar is a fake if the light is any hue other than blue.

2. ‘KADO’ is no longer imprinted

Puff Bars formerly had the word “Kado” inscribed on both the container and the item before the DNA Tag. This was utilized as a false measurement. Over time, though, counterfeiters discovered a way to duplicate the text on both the gadget and the packaging. As a result, Puff Bar no longer prints the name “Kado” on any of its products, and if you do, there’s a strong chance it’s a fake.

How much do real Puff Bars cost?

A genuine Puff Bar costs €10 per disposable vaporizer at retail. Puff Bar Plus typically costs €15. Puff Flow costs between €19 and €22.

Companies are selling counterfeit devices for much less due to severe authentication problems and the introduction of several new e-cigarette brands. There’s a good probability that the quality e-cigarettes being sold by a shop at an absurdly low price are fake or that the store is overstocked.

On the other hand, be careful to stay away from expensive Puffs. Some retail establishments are taking advantage of the device’s rarity by charging up to €30 for a single unit! You should fully avoid purchasing overpriced e-cigarettes because there are online vape stores offering Puff Bars at a fair price.


Due to the brand’s quick ascent to prominence in the disposable vaporizer market, numerous factories started making knockoffs. This is an effort to trick legitimate Puff consumers. Do factories that copy a product made by another firm have a sincere desire to offer a secure nicotine delivery system?

With the help of this quick guide, we hope you will be able to distinguish genuine Puff Bars from fake products. Keep in mind that the DNA Tag is the most accurate indicator of whether you have an authentic Puff Bar.

Utilize the camera on your phone, and it will connect you to the Puff Bar website, where it will indicate whether the item is genuine or not. We advise you to only use Puff Bars with DNA Tags since there is a very high likelihood that a Puff Bar without one is a fake.

Use of nicotine or vaping products is not recommended for kids, nursing mothers, pregnant women, people who are at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or anyone who take drugs, particularly for depression or asthma. Before using it, always get the advice of a trained medical professional.

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