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How Do You Know When A Disposable Vape Is Done?

If you’re new to vaping or else want to try a new vape juice, you can use disposable units for starters. That is, as a beginner, it is apt to get into it through disposable vapes (also see our bulk disposable vapes, best disposable nicotine vapes and nic salt vape).

Why try disposable vapes? For many reasons, actually, and one of them is that it is easy on your budget. Other than that, it is also convenient. Being a newbie needs you to know how disposable vapes work, and along with this is how to tell when a disposable vape is done.

How do you know when your disposable vape is empty? The following tips will guide you.

How To Tell When Your Disposable Vape Is Empty

How Do You Know When A Disposable Vape Is Done

It can be tricky at first to figure out if your disposable vape pen is empty or if you’ve vaped all its juice out, but below are cues that you can observe.

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There’s a nasty burnt taste to the vapour

Your unit is out of juice when you notice that its vapour tastes burnt or charred. Your vape battery may still work and is able to power your unit, and the atomizer would still heat even if its liquid is empty. However, since there is no juice left, there won’t be anything that would suck up the heat and vaporize. On the other hand, it is the wick (which is usually made of cotton) that is being absorbed by the heat. In turn, it burns the cotton wick which gives your vape a nasty taste.

#1 There is less vapour, and it is tasteless 

It is a sign that you are running out of vape liquid if your unit produces lesser and tasteless vapor. It’s a far cry from the creamy puffs that you used to inhale when your vape was new. In other words, your puff isn’t so satisfying anymore. When this happens, you should get a new e-cigarette to avoid inhaling wick smoke that may be harmful.

#2 Your vape doesn’t produce vapour anymore

Your unit may still get hot because its battery is working, however, no smoke comes out. If your vape wick is made of metal coil or mesh, you’re likely to taste something metallic when you puff, indicating that your e-liquid is empty.

#3 Check if the battery is dead

You have to know the difference between your vape battery being dead or if it is out of juice. The problem is a dead battery if your unit stays cold even if you have taken draws repeatedly. Disposable vapes are not designed to be recharged, so when this happens, it means that your unit is done. Also make sure to keep you CBD away from pets.

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