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How Has Vaping Changed Over the Years [Role of Technology]

The Vape Industry’s growth is fast and broad. It has a lot of changes and innovations. It is because of the continuous improvement of our technology. Technology contributes a lot to the development of e-cigarettes, mainly vaping. Presently, vaping is not just a trend; vapers prefer using it because it is more convenient and enjoyable. Most traditional smokers use vaping devices to replace or quit traditional cigarettes. 

The vaping industry has an extensive transition through technology with new trends and improvements that make it more marketable. This article will tackle the technology advancements behind the booming vaping sector in our present time.

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Early Years of Vaping Industry

Originally, Hon Lik invented the first e-cigarettes in 2003, but the idea of doing this invention started years ago. In 1927, a patent regarding electronic cigarettes was filed 1927 and later on, it was granted to Joseph Robinson in 1930. It was the first time to introduce a vaping process. It was never launched and manufactured. The said invention was very far from the vaping devices we have today.

Vaping Industry’s Product Development  

Since the year when e-cigarettes were invented, the global vaping market has increased up to $14 billion industry, and probably it will rise to $50 billion by 2025. Because of the technology that we have, the development of the vaping industry was divided into three stages. 

First Stage

The first stage of e-cigarettes began in 2004 in the Chinese market. These cigarettes were made of more significant and heavy tobacco cigarettes. However, this stage did not lasts longer. It was replaced quickly by the second generation of e-cigarettes products. It is because the product’s battery life is shorter, and good quality e-liquid flavours are not yet developed. 

Second Stage

The second stage of e-cigarettes products was way different from the previous stage. It has more improvement and these products are better. In this stage, products have longer battery life than in the first stage. Also, these vaping devices are rechargeable. It is more convenient and compact and it can make better vapour.

Third Stage

The last stage of the vaping industry is the present products available in our market. These vaping devices are more advanced because of the new features that it has. In this stage, digital displays, temperature control, and higher wattage are available in other products.

There is called AVP, which means Advanced Personal Vapourisers, which is made for vapers who want to personalise or customise their vaping devices. These products are costly, but they will surely give every vaper a better vaping experience. 

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Technological Innovations in the Vaping Industry 

The most dominant factor in contributing to the growth of the vaping industry is technology. In the absence of technology, the vape industry will not achieve its success today. Technology plays a vital role in developing and improving the vape industry. Here is the list of vaping products innovations made by the technology:

1. E-Cigarettes Thousands of Flavours

It is the reason why e-cigarettes are very marketable. Despite its increasing demand, companies continue to produce more premium quality flavours. Thousands of flavours are available in the market, and it was all possible because of the advanced technology that we have. It is why e-cigarettes are more popular with the masses. Its flavours range from tobacco to fruity and up to desserts. These flavours are making the vaping industry prevalent in the market.

2. Bluetooth-Controlled Vaping Devices

People behind the vaping industry keep doing the things that they can that will improve the vaping experience of each vaper. Because of this, companies did research and applied technology to making Bluetooth-controlled vaping devices.

You have to connect it with your phone, and you can use it to control and deliver commands. Most vapers love to use this device because it is easy to use, and its performance is commendable. It is pretty expensive, but it will surely give every vaper a unique vaping experience.

3. Nicotine Salts 

Nicotine salts have higher nicotine strength than other tobacco products and lower acidity. It became popular in the vaping industry because it has almost the same vibe as tobacco. Most of the people who want to replace traditional smoking prefer this. It is trendy in the market. Introducing this made the vaping industry have massive growth. 

4. Longer Battery Life

Years ago, smoking devices didn’t even have batteries, or the kind of battery used in the first stage of the vaping industry was not good. And these are one of the problems before. It means that people used to dispose of it immediately after using it. Doing that is very expensive.

Technology solved the said problem. It also improved the quality of batteries. It has longer battery life. It means you can use your vaping devices for a more extended period. The quality of the batteries is very commendable. It’s hassle-free, and vapers can enjoy using their vape without worrying about charging or changing their battery. 

5. Modernised and Compact Design

Through technology, the designs and visual appearance of vapes improved. During the previous stage of the vaping industry, its size was huge, that’s why it is difficult to maintain. Most of it is also heavy, and it is not convenient to bring. It is why most new users were discouraged from continuing to use it. 

Final Words 

Technology plays a vital role in the success of the vaping industry today. From the first until the third stage of this industry, it is clearly shown how helpful technology is. According to the innovations mentioned above made over the years, technology is the tool used to improve and solve the weaknesses of the previous e-cigarettes products. 

The Vaping industry has improved a lot, but it doesn’t mean that there are no longer improvements. The innovations through technology will continue. Different manufacturing companies are still looking for more advanced and better versions of these vaping devices. We should expect more improvements and development in the years to come. 

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