How Long Does a Disposable Pod Last?
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How Long Does a Disposable Pod Last?

Disposable vape pods are becoming a massive trend as an alternative to the usual vapes and cigars. The reason being is that these vape devices are environmentally-friendly, convenient, and travel-friendly.

However, it is still a trend that most people are not familiar with or aware of. There are still a lot of questions about disposable vapes that need to be answered and discussed in detail, such as their quality, battery life, battery size, and vape tanks.

This article will serve as a guide for readers to answer commonly asked queries by going into the details of each important feature of the product. It also gives consumers confidence that they will have the best options to fit their preferences before buying.

With this guide, readers and interested consumers of disposable vapes will have the opportunity to lessen those frequently-asked questions and finally have a taste of Frunk Bar’s variety of satisfying, fruity, and refreshing disposable vapes.

Factors that consumers need to consider before buying disposable vapes

Intelligent consumers will do everything they need to satisfy their preferences when buying a product. Consumers can determine the best products and services that fit their style by researching, reading the label, and comparing different products.

So, to answer the general question: “How long do disposable vapes last?” the most straightforward answer is that it depends on the disposable vape pen.

A beginner in buying a disposable vape pen would prioritize the durability and quality of the vape pen. A smarter user will determine their standards by prioritizing the longevity of a decent disposable vape pen through the number of puff counts.

To understand how many puffs a disposable vape pen has, one should consider these factors:

Vape Battery

It is one of the main factors that determine the life span of a disposable vape pod. It functions as the heart of the disposable vape. For disposable vapes, it is pretty obvious that they are not rechargeable. Ideally, the vape juice should run out first before the device’s battery.

With Frunk Bar, consumers do not have to worry about the puff count because they produce disposable vape pens that have bigger battery life that guarantees 600-1200 puffs, depending on the flavour.

Length of the draw

Another factor that vape enthusiasts need to consider is that longer draws will also affect the longevity of the disposable vape. Longer draws consume more juice and empties the vape tank faster with each puff. Consumers should ensure they get the most out of their disposable vape pens by balancing their vaping frequency and length.

Frunk Bar offers a wide variety of flavours with different tank sizes that will fit your vaping habits. You can’t run out of options ranging from 1.5mL tanks to 2.0mL tanks.


Most consumers do not consider that appropriate storage of disposable vapes can also affect their life span. All disposable vape pens with cold batteries take longer to start up and consume much more power.

It is best that disposable vape pens should be stored or placed at room temperature to extend their life span and have the best vaping experience as much as possible.


The temperature of most disposable vape pens is preset. Consumers should keep this in mind so that the battery capacity of their vape pod device does not have to take too much power.

Although choosing the device with the greatest temperature settings may seem appealing, keep in mind that the greater the temperature setting, the faster the coil will burn, reducing the coil’s lifespan. Vape users should find the proper temperature that they need in order to balance the battery life and the liquid.

Now that you know the important details that you must know to understand how most disposable vapes last, let us now look at some tips that you might be able to use in taking good care of your vape pod.

These are a few tricks you can utilize to extend the life of your disposable vape pods

Short draws

Vape liquid contains a highly addictive substance called nicotine. A user can have as many puffs as he wants if he pays attention to his draws. One of the reasons why a fresh pod lasts longer than it should is because the user balances out how he takes his draws.

Choose the appropriate puff bar that fits your vape style

If you are a person who prefers to have longer draws, try to identify the liquid flavour that has a higher nicotine dosage to fit your style so that even on short draws, you can make the most out of your disposable pen.

Frunk Bar offers a colourful and unique variety of flavours that comes in different sizes. So disposable vape enthusiasts do not have to worry about choosing the right amount of puff counts they prefer to satisfy their habit.

A clean and neat vape device lasts longer

Like any other thing, a vape device also needs maintenance for them to last. Even if it is a disposable device, you should take good care of it if you want to make your vape device last longer.

You should also keep in mind that these disposable pods do not have a rechargeable battery.

Place your vape pods in places at room temperature

Properly storing your vape pods can also increase their life span. Disposable vape depends on its life span through its battery’s condition.

You can also use the palm of your hands by holding them for a while before using your vape pens to keep them from getting cold batteries.

Pay attention to your puffs

You might not notice this much, but controlling the frequency of puffs you make in a day can significantly extend your disposable vape’s life span.

Vaping habits can make a huge positive impact on a person’s welfare if used moderately and responsibly. Make your day more relaxing and stress-free by replacing your smoking habit with a vaping habit. After all, vaping is a way to control your former unhealthy smoking habit.

Now that you are all set, you can definitely start vaping without worrying too much about its life span. Frunk Bar provides its buyers with disposable vapes with a wide variety of flavours that can suit their style and taste.


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