How Many Hits Does a Multi-Pack 1200 Puff Have
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How Many Hits Does a Multi-Pack 1200 Puff Have?

Studies say that almost 7 out of 10 smokers are thinking about quitting completely. Some consider switching to e-cigarettes and totally abandoning traditional cigarettes. It may be because they become more aware of cigarettes’ harmful effects on their overall health.

While vaping has not been proven safe for your health, many argue it is less harmful than smoking. It is because you are not exposed to as many toxic substances as when smoking traditional cigarettes, which is why many smokers are turning to vapes today.

Factors Affecting the Number of Hits in a Multi-pack Vape

Factors Affecting the Number of Hits in a Multi-pack VapeIf you’ve considered quitting smoking, you’re not the only one in this world. Vaping is becoming quite popular over smoking lately. However, do you already know enough about vaping and the particular brand you’re using? Worry no more; we’re here to help you.

This article will teach you some things you should know about vaping, including how many hits are typically in a multi-pack 1200 puff. At the same time, it will also give you an idea of what factors to consider to get the most out of every refreshing puff.

Below are some factors that can affect the number of hits you get from your vape cartridge.

The life of your cartridge depends on the battery you use

You might be unfamiliar with your battery, significantly impacting how long your cartridge will last. For instance, if you use a higher wattage battery, you may need to charge it more frequently, which reduces the cartridge’s lifespan.

Higher wattage pens are typically designed to atomise at a higher temperature than lower wattage pens so they can vaporise off more oil in a single hit. Eventually, the higher temperature causes you to lose more.

For instance, most Delta-8 THC cartridges are developed to function with most typical vape batteries having a 510 thread. This type of vape pen battery is highly recommended if you are considering vaping.

510 thread batteries typically have a voltage range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts. On the other hand, thin and light vape pens usually have a lower voltage, around 3.3 volts. A standard vape cartridge has a resistance of about 1.2 ohms, so you’ll need about 7 watts to get 3.7 volts.

The wax or oil viscosity indicates how long your puff bar will last

The thickness of your oil or wax will have a significant impact on the life of your cartridge. A thinner, liquid-like appearance to the oil indicates that it will vaporise off more slowly, whereas thicker oils require more prolonged heating to achieve the proper vapour, requiring more in each hit.

Furthermore, when considering vaping, it is also essential to consider the substance in your vape pen, as various types of extracts are used in producing vape pen caps.

The heat setting you choose plays a role in the lifespan of your vape cartridge

How high the heat settings go can influence how many hits you get out of your vape cartridge.

Our experiences with the same cartridge may vary depending on our vaping style, including the heat setting we use. Most cannabinoids, according to experts, are best vaporised at temperatures ranging from 380°F to 700°F.

What’s the use of these different heat settings? To be aware, below are the advantages of using low, medium, and high temperatures. You may refer to these in choosing your vaping style.

  • Low Temperature

    If you select a lower temperature, the flavour of your cannabis oil will most likely be preserved when you puff. Similarly, it may result in less cannabis oil vaporising, resulting in fewer hits.

    In a nutshell, low temperatures produce optimal flavour with a slight cannabis effect.

  • Medium Temperature

    Choosing medium temperature results in a delicate balance. You will be able to taste and smell the flavours and experience the maximum impact of the active cannabinoids.

    It would mean that your hits will therefore be moderate, consuming a consistent amount of oil every time you puff.

  • High Temperature

    High temperatures preserve less flavour while producing larger hits and puffs of vape clouds. At higher temperatures, cannabinoids vaporise more quickly, making it possible for you to get the most out of the active component.

The size of the puff bar specifies how long it is expected to last

The longer a puffer takes long hits, the faster his cartridge is depleted. A light puffer will most likely only take a one-second to inhale.

On the other hand, longer pulls (between 3 and 6 seconds) will result in fewer hits than the lighter puffer.

How Many Hits Does It Take to Finish a Vape

There is no “one size fits all” response to this. The answer is primarily subjective.

As previously stated, we may have different experiences with the same cartridge depending on the battery wattage we use, the thickness or thinness of the oil or wax in the cartridge, or our preferred vaping style.

To somehow give you an estimation, you may refer to these two standard sizes of carts:

  • 599 mg – Assume that for a 3 to 5 mg puff, an average person will need between 75 and 150 hits to finish this cartridge size. If you take 30 puffs daily, your vape will last approximately 3 to 5 days.
  • 1,000 mg – The average person will need between 150 and 300 puffs for this size based on a 3 to 5 mg puff. Your cart will likely last 5 to 10 days if you take up to 30 puffs daily.

Choosing a perfect vape for you

You’ve finally come to the right place if you’ve been looking for the best flavoured multi-pack vape to suit your tastes.

If you want to try something different to satisfy your sweet tooth, try this Disposable Vape Multi-pack 1200 puff from The Frunk.

The Frunk Bar multi-pack disposable vape is a one-time use vape pen containing nicotine salt in its e-liquid. Each pack includes three pods, each of which provides about 400 puffs, for a total of about 1200 hits.

Key Takeaway

Many men and women switch to vapes for apparent reasons. Aside from its fun and exciting flavours, they’re very versatile too. You can puff whether you’re inside your house or out of town with your friends with these handy vapes.

Furthermore, it will always be best to remind everyone to smoke responsibly, even when using vapes. It’s a friendly reminder that it’s still healthier to eat rather than hit more often.

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