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How many puffs of vape a day is safe

Presently, vaping is the best choice as an alternative to traditional smoking. Most of the time, it is used because it is helpful to people who want to quit smoking while not instantly eliminating the taste of nicotine. Vaping is done by inhaling vapour produced by the electronic smoking devices from the liquid vape juice that contains nicotine and flavouring.

Most vape users find vaping less harmful than cigarette smoking. Many ask how many puffs of vaping are safe for them. Also, many people wonder how much nicotine level cigarette smoking has than traditional cigarettes.

If you’re curious about the safe number of puffs in a day, you will surely answer your question after reading this article.

Vaping vs Traditional Smoking

Vape is genuinely the best way to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. There are toxic chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. Most misconceptions are that nicotine is a cigarette’s harmful content, but the truth is other chemicals exist in cigarette smoking.

Most ex-cigarette smokers prefer vaping because it is very convenient, and they don’t have limited time in nicotine hits compared to vapes. It has lesser harmful chemicals, and you can control the amount of vaping nicotine level. There are a lot of puff bar flavours that you can try at Frunk Bar that will give you a better vaping experience.

Moreover, vapes don’t have the two most dangerous chemicals, tar and carbon monoxide. Electric cigarettes are not completely free from harmful chemicals and risks, but this is better than cigarette smoking. It has different kinds, such as vape pens, pod systems, and mods.

These are just some reasons why smokers prefer using vapes over quitting cold turkey.

Calculating Nicotine Intake Per Puff

The level of nicotine varies based on your chosen vape juice or e-liquid. The amount of nicotine in every vape juice is not the same. There are times that the flavourings dominate the level of nicotine. It always depends on your preference.

It is not easy to precisely calculate nicotine levels. The amount of nicotine intake depends on the puff’s length and the vape juice’s content. You can divide the total number of puffs written on the packaging of your vape juice by the total milligrams of nicotine. Also, there are non-nicotine vapes that exist, and there are some that have lower amounts of it.

The calculation may not work if you are inconsistent in drag lengths. One factor that affects nicotine intake is the span or size of your drag in using a vape: the longer drag, the higher percentage of nicotine intake. The calculation of nicotine only works if you have a longer vaping drag length.

How Many Puffs Per Day Is Safe?

As mentioned above, various electronic cigarettes and vape juices exist. Because of that, the safe number of puffs per day can’t be determined. There is no specific number of puffs that can be considered safe. The biological factors and several modes are one of the factors that an acceptable daily intake of nicotine is based on.

Since nicotine intake is not an exact science, most vape users choose to satisfy their nicotine cravings and have a better vaping experience instead of being conscious of calculating the nicotine intake per puff.

Suppose that you are trying to quit smoking. It would be best if you gradually lowered the concentration of nicotine. Best vape flavours can help you to lessen the nicotine content that you take. You may try these recommended flavours at Frunk Bar.

Determining Your Vaping Nicotine Level

Determining Your Vaping Nicotine LevelFinding out what your vaping nicotine level depends on several factors. These factors will surely help you know the right and best nicotine level that suits you.

1. Flavour

In alcoholic beverages, the more potent alcohol, the harsher the taste. The same with vapes; the higher the nicotine level, the harsher taste. The nicotine level depends on the preference of the user.

Some vapers prefer a lower amount of flavours and a higher amount of nicotine. Some also want to tolerate the taste, so they choose a low nicotine concentration. It always depends on your personal choice.

2. Throat Hit

Throat hit refers to the feeling in your throat when you inhale nicotine. If you want a smooth texture when inhaling nicotine, you should choose a lower amount of it. Otherwise, if the stronger feeling in your throat is what you want, you should choose a higher level of nicotine. The level of nicotine that suits you depends on what you prefer.

3. Usage

Most of the time, heavy smokers try to use vaping as an alternative to quitting smoking. A higher level of nicotine suits them because they need much to satisfy their nicotine cravings. On the other hand, mild smokers have no nicotine cravings to fulfil, which means that lower levels of nicotine match them.

Your vaping frequency plays a part in determining the perfect nicotine level for you. A higher level suits you if you vape socially or moderately because you don’t inhale nicotine too much. In contrast, if you vape in long sessions, you only need a lower concentration.

4. Smoking Equivalency

If you are an ex-cigarette smoker, you can choose the same nicotine level when you smoke cigarettes. It is for you to feel the same satisfaction. But since you want to quit traditional smoking, you must gradually lessen the nicotine level over time.

In accordance with the mentioned factors in determining the appropriate nicotine level, the final choice is always in your hand. Choosing the level of nicotine that gives you more satisfaction if you used to smoke traditional and electronic cigarettes with nicotine is recommended. In contrast, if you are a beginner or a non-nicotine vape user, it always depends on whether you will stick to non-nicotine or try what satisfaction nicotine can give.

In Summary

Your preference plays a vital role in your vaping experience. There is no exact number of puffs that are considered safe. It is recommended to be aware of your smoking habits to monitor if you are taking too much.

Vapes may be less dangerous than traditional cigarettes; it is essential to know your limit. You can enjoy and have a great vaping experience while not overusing it. Excessive usage is always not good.

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