The best Steps Of Inhaling A Disposable Vape
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How To Inhale A Disposable Vape: Step-By-Step

It can be confusing at first when you try to inhale a disposable vape. If you are new to vaping, what’s most apt at this point is to try disposable vapes. These devices have actually been pre-filled with its counterpart e-liquid and come with pre-charged batteries. You can use a disposable vape the moment you get it right out of its box, and you don’t need to fill or recharge it with anything. As the name implies as well, you can throw it out immediately when you’re finished using it.

Inhaling vapes and e-cigarettes actually requires a different procedure than doing so with traditional cigarettes. Many first time vapers are quite surprised about it because most of the basic and introductory e-cigarettes are designed to look like the customary cigarettes that smokers use. So what are the steps on how to inhale a disposable vape?

The 3 Proper Steps Of Inhaling A Disposable Vape

The correct way of e-puffing is described below:

Step 1: Slowly and steadily draw the vapour

You should not take quick and short drags when puffing an e-cigarette, unlike what you do with tobacco cigarettes. The secret in properly inhaling a vape is to do a deliberate and steady siphoning until your mouth becomes filled with vapour. This is similar to smoking a cigar. To achieve the best results from e-smoking, don’t suck the vapour straight into your lungs.

Step 2: Hold the vapour and then exhale

After inhaling the vapour into your mouth, contain it there for 3 to 5 seconds. Then draw it into your lungs, or otherwise breathe out through your mouth and nose. Smoking tobacco cigarettes allows the absorption of nicotine into the lungs, whereas with e-puffing, the substance is first absorbed via the mucus membranes found in the mouth and the nose, followed by the lungs and the nose.

Step 3: Wait for the “hit”

Unlike when puffing tobacco cigarettes, it takes longer for someone to feel the “hit” of vaping. Whereas the “feel good” pinnacle of tobacco smoking takes effect in only 8 seconds, you need to wait for 30 seconds to achieve it with an e-cigarette. This may initially be frustrating, but can be grown accustomed to.

You Can Take Primer Puffs

You do this to heat up the coil of your vape without meaning to draw any vapour. Plenty of people do this to warm up the vaping atomizer. Note that this step is necessary, but it can prime your e-cigarette and have it ready to be used.

Here are some of favourite mouth-to-lung vapes;

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