How to Refill a Vape Cartridge
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21/22 Guide: How to Remove Oil From Prefilled Vape Cartridges

How to remove oil from a prefilled cartridge is one of the most often asked topics about vaping. Although these cartridges can save you money in the long term when compared to cigarettes, they can still be costly.

Today, we’ll go into this issue in depth and give a few viable options.

How to Refill a Vape Cartridge That Has Been Disposed

How to Refill a Vape Cartridge

Refilling a fresh cartridge begins with removing the mouthpiece, just as it did with removing the oil.

So, you’ve extracted the oil from the defective vape cartridge. So, what’s next? If you want to utilise the oil for something else, it’s fairly simple: just expel it from the syringe and place it where you need it.

But what if you want to refill a disposable vape cartridge with the oil? You could have taken oil from many prefilled cartridges and now wish to refill one of them.

The technique is self-explanatory if you utilised the syringe method: put the syringe into the new cartridge’s aperture and eject the oil. That’s all there is to it for refilling a vape cartridge!

Is Removing Oil from a Prefilled Cartridge Safe?

Before you get too enthusiastic, keep in mind that tampering with some pre-filled vape cartridges is dangerous. Examine the oils included in the cartridges to see if you’re in the clear. If the oil contains propylene glycol or other glycerols, it is not safe to heat directly over an open flame. This would result in the deadly chemical formaldehyde being produced.

Cartridges containing pure CO2 oil, on the other hand, may usually be reused. Consult a medical expert if you have any questions about the components, which might be confusing to non-medical people.

How to Clean Oil Out of a Pre-Filled Cartridge?

Using a syringe from a specialist oil recovery kit is your best chance for getting the task done in a way that preserves both the oil and the cartridge. These usually include a selection of tips that are compatible with the most common vape pens.

The mouthpiece of the cartridge must first be removed. Sometimes it’s as easy as unscrewing it. In some situations, you may need to pry the lid off using tools, as shown below.

Whatever method you select to remove the mouthpiece, you’ll use the syringe to extract the oil before transferring it to a new cartridge or another container. You might find that using a hair dryer set to low and targeted at the cartridge you want to clean the oil from helps.

What’s the deal with the syringe? The viscosity of vape oil is usually such that pouring it out (even with a transparent hole) is difficult. Even if you use the hair dryer, you’re certain to make a mess.

You’ll be more exact with the syringe. You won’t have to fumble about trying to figure out how to extract all of the oil out of a vape cartridge since you can guide the syringe where it needs to go.

Why would you want to take the oil out of a prefilled cartridge?

It’s important delving into why people do this in the first place before we get into the how.

For starters, removing any remaining oil allows you to refill the cartridge. This allows you to possibly refill the cartridge and use it again, in addition to pleasing your inner environmentalist (vape cartridges cannot be recycled and wind up in landfills, after all).

When you remove the oil, you may reuse it in other applications or put it in another empty cartridge if the one you’re taking it from isn’t working. Regardless matter the reason, having a plan in place to remove the oil may be quite beneficial.

How to Extend the Life of a Vape Cartridge?

Even if you decide not to remove the oil or fix the cartridge, you’ll most likely want to know how to get the most out of your vape cartridge.

Remember how you could loosen up the oil using a hair dryer? That can also work in this case. Of course, the objective here isn’t to completely eliminate the oil, but rather to loosen it up so that it can evaporate more easily. Simply position the hair dryer a few feet away from the cartridge, turn it on low, and direct it at it for a few minutes. Replacing it in the vaporizer and attempting to use it again.


In this article, you learned how to extract oil from a prefilled cartridge, refill a vape cartridge, repair a cartridge, and get the most out of a cartridge.

At this point, you should be a pro! With a little experience, you’ll be able to reuse and repair your cartridges with ease! If you’re looking for disposable vapes frunked up have you covered.

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