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How To Use Nicotine Salts: Is It Right For Your Vaping Needs and Satisfaction?

How To Use Nic Salts: Step-By-Step

If you are new to vaping, you can initially get lost- particularly when it comes to its comprehensive and complicated terminologies. Recent technologies in the industry gave rise to trends, and one of them are “nic salt shots”, “nicotine salts”, or “salt nics”.

What are these, basically? Demystifying this substance (nicotine salts) needs you to probe a bit deeper. You also have to determine if it would benefit you in your vaping habit.

Then again, to spare you the trouble, this article will elucidate about the topic of nicotine salts in relation to vaping. 

The steps to using nicotine salts and nicotine salt shots are quite simple:

Step 1

You actually don’t need to make a huge shift in your vaping hardware if you want to vape nicotine salts. Vaping e-liquid that is loaded with nic salts simply requires that you use a basic mouth-to-lung kit.

Step 2

Any MTL vape tanks are perfectly capable for using nic salts, however, it may shorten the lifespan of your coil by one or two days. Essentially, though, it is a small price to pay if you consider all things.

Step 3

It is not recommended that you use a sub-ohming kit to vape nicotine salts because these units produce much power and hefty vapour when used. It can result to an overloaded nicotine delivery which is painful. 

Step 4

As nic salt liquids are mostly relatively thin, tanks designed for thicker and gloopier e-liquids may not be able to hold them securely.

Step 5

Using nicotine salt shots is not any different from using regular nicotine shots. They work just the same. All you have to do is add the substance to your favourite shortfill, and it’s good to go.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

It was in 2015 when PAX labs received a patent for introducing nicotine salts. As an incorporation to vaping, this substance was quite game-changing. So what are they?

Nicotine salts used in vaping are exactly the same as the nicotine that you can find in a tobacco leaf. As a substance, it has a unique chemistry, and is able to provide your body with a more potent amount of nicotine than the usual “freebase nicotine” that is contained in most vape e-juices.

Freebase nicotine easily evaporates when you vape it, consequently having the chemical settle in your mouth or throat. Its manner of absorption into your bloodstream is slow.

Nic salts and nic salts shots, on the other hand have their nicotine content amalgamated into a chemical compound that is in turn rapidly absorbed by your body and reaching your lungs.

How Is Freebase Nicotine Different From Nicotine Salts?

How To Use Nicotine SaltsComparing nicotine salts from freebase nicotine, you’ll find that the former has no harsh or bitter taste, but otherwise feels more appealing, sweet and smooth. This is mainly for the reason that freebase is very alkaline, in that it has a high pH level.

Vaping an e-liquid with high alkaline content is rough on the throat. If you do so with a 50/50 or high PG e-liquid, you’ll be apt to experience this characteristic throat and chest “hit”. Some people might find this “hit” pleasant, but others consider it rather harsh and not very enjoyable. If you have just weaned off from an especially strong smoking habit, you’re not likely going to like it.

That’s why a lot of ex-smokers who switched to vaping deem it to be more harsh. When you smoke, your lungs get paralysed for a while, whereas inhaling heated vapour (via vaping) causes anxiety to the nerves in your lungs.

There is a particular “lung punch” brought about by PG-based e-liquids that many vapers enjoy and look forward to, but if for some reason, some users find it disagreeable, they would be compelled to vape bigger and more powerful devices that are meant to utilize high- VG e-liquids. Apparently, these would give them vapourful and smoother hits.

If you go by the route of vaping high VG e-liquid sub-ohm, you won’t so much focused on getting your nicotine hits, but on the other hand, are more inclined to chase clouds and savour flavour. It’s rather for fun and recreation instead of a means to switch from smoking to vaping.

If you’re vaping a high VG e-liquid, consider that it delivers low nicotine, and nicotine delivery is only secondary to your agenda.

So if you happen to forget about nicotine delivery in your vaping, the solution is nicotine salts.

With nic salts and nic salt shots, you’ll obtain far smoother vapes because they are combined with benzoic acid that radically reduces its pH level, and thus its alkalinity.

Even if you’re just using a vape pen that doesn’t produce much clouds, you’ll get high doses of nicotine when you use nicotine salts. The really luscious cherry on top is that it is so satisfying and pleasant to the lungs compared to regular cigarettes!

You don’t need to worry about inhaling benzoic acid, either, because they are merely contained in trace amounts. Not that it is hazardous, too, because such substance is a food preservative that you have been ingesting for years already. 

Are you planning on making the switch from freebase to nicotine salts then? You might be wondering how to use the latter. The next section will tell you about it.

What About The Safety Of Nicotine Salts? Are They More Addictive Than Regular E-Liquid?

No, nic salts are not hazardous. There have been no toxicology reports that this substance is otherwise. There have been no indications that it is harmful to inhale benzoic acid.

Concerns about addiction are not solid as well because vaping nic salts that contain high nicotine strength, consequently results to a more regulated inhaling of vapour.


With this information about nic salts, you can be guided about your decision on switching from smoking to vaping, that accordingly helps in your obtaining your nicotine needs with cleaner lungs.

You can decide if nicotine salts are right for you in terms of your vaping need and satisfaction while taking into consideration your health and well-being.

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