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Is it safer to vape or smoke?

The debate about whether it’s safer to vape or smoke has been raging for years. Vaping opponents have been quick to point to the dangers of vaping in the absence of scientific evidence. Now, with so much research on vapes and e-cigs, we know that electronic cigarettes are arguably safer than smoking.

The figures are in, and that much-discussed ANPRM from the FDA is now out. The biggest question – is it safer to Vape or Smoke? It seems as though research says that vaping IS safer than smoking. After studying 20 studies of 662 former smokers who switched from smoking to vaping, the researchers found that these former smokers had one year.

When we consider it in terms of smoking, the health risks are highly evident. Smoking kills half of its users and hospitalises or causes chronic illnesses in the rest. That’s why e-cigarettes can be seen as less harmful than smoking for a number of reasons. The majority of people who purchase e-cigarettes have an intention to fully switch from smoking to vaping . It would make sense that vaping is likely to be safer than smoking when we consider these facts. Yet, there are many parties who believe that e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as smoking and so can and should be heavily regulated using the same rules and legislation because they are one and the same!

In this article we will attempt to answer the seemingly simple question: “Is it safer to vape or smoke?”. It’s a difficult question to answer with such conflicting research and public opinion. It’s hard to know who to trust, there are numbers and statistics that seem to point in both directions. And at one time you hear Public Health England say that e-cigs are 95% safer than smoking then a few days later you hear someone else say that the actual figure is closer to 10%. At this point, you can be forgiven for being a little confused about what the answer is. But let’s dig into this guide!

E-cigarettes are supported by Cancer Research UK in the fight against cancer


Even when people realise that smoking causes cancer or other illnesses such as TB and emphysema, they find it extremely difficult to quit. In addition, the addiction is very strong and this makes it even more difficult to stop. This is why Cancer Research UK is supporting e-cigarettes as a means of stopping smoking.

Let’s find out more!

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) recently conducted a study about the usage of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation purposes. The results from this study were reported on BBC News Science & Environment page on November 15, 2015. 

The findings of this study should be a beacon of hope to all smokers who want to stop their unhealthy habit. Cancer Research UK is supporting e-cigarettes as being helpful in reducing the harm of tobacco use. The notion that e-cigarettes will only serve as “gateway” products to cigarettes has been debunked and they are actually helpful in fighting cancer.

Cancer Research UK takes a reasonable attitude to things like e-cigarettes, recognising their value in assisting individuals in quitting smoking, as well as lowering the risk of malignancies linked to tobacco use. 

Their position on e-cigarettes is that there should be enough control around the distribution of vaping goods to ensure that the notion of vaping is not promoted as an appealing pastime to children and that they are not offered to minors. The organisation also claims that there isn’t enough data to warrant an indoor ban on e-cigarettes.

It’s wonderful news that the charity’s research found e-cigarettes to be an assist in the reduction of toxins in users who switched from cigarettes. 

The position of Cancer Research UK on the use of e-cigarettes is that they are beneficial in terms of harm reduction, which is a health strategy that tries to decrease negative effects without necessarily prohibiting the use of the products that cause the damage. Despite the fact that breathing air is clearly healthier than vaping, vaping is a far healthier alternative to the dreaded smoking.

Questions and Answers About Vaping in Cancer Research

is it safer to smoke or vape

Is nicotine harmful?

Nicotine is the substance that causes addiction and makes you crave cigarettes. However, the tar and other chemicals in your cigarette are the ones that cause cancer and other smoking-related diseases. The truth is, in reality, the nicotine found in cigarettes is addictive. And the thing that causes all the health problems is tar, not nicotine.

Do e-cigarettes emit hazardous chemicals or explode?

More and more people are now starting to use e-cigarettes , or electronic cigarettes, which are a safer alternative to conventional tobacco smoking. However, in recent times there’s been a lot of talk around whether these safer alternatives are safe after all. 

Do they blow up?

The news enjoys making a big deal out of bursting e-cigarettes and home fires caused by vaping. Who is the major offender? Using the incorrect charger Always make sure you’re using the correct charger for your device. 

This is really significant. Is it possible that we have gotten unconcerned with batteries and chargers, assuming that because we have high standards in the UK, no low-quality equipment can enter? This is incorrect; low-quality goods do reach the UK market and may be found through shady dealers as not all chargers are created equal. 

And, certainly, even high-quality goods may fail. Always buy the finest you can afford, which usually involves going to a vendor that offers high-quality goods or makes their own.

Is it true that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking?

Yes. But we know a little more than this. As some of the ingredient names might imply, e-cigarettes contain very small traces of tobacco and nicotine. It’s possible that long-term use could have an effect on health, but it’s not yet known what this effect would be. In contrast, cigarettes contain several thousand chemicals – many of which are thought to be at least partly responsible for the serious damage caused by smoking. It’s this huge difference in scale that accounts for why experts who study e-cigarettes assume that vaping is safer than smoking.

Is it possible to use my e-cigarettes in locations where smoking is prohibited?

Though there are no laws prohibiting vaping in public places, several businesses have rules in place. A few examples are airports, stores, sporting venues, and healthcare. Always ask first, be courteous, and use common sense. Don’t vape someplace you would not really normally smoke.

Will e-cigarettes be less expensive than smoking for me?

When compared to the average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes, switching to vaping may easily save you over £3500 per year. Yes, you will need to purchase e-liquid, atomizer heads, and other equipment to operate your e-cigarette, but these are minor in contrast.

Is it acceptable to vape and smoke simultaneously time?

It is not ok to smoke and vape at the same time. This will result in no health benefits and actually make you worse off. 

The studies are pretty clear on this point, when you are vaping and smoking at the same time you are ‘double exposing’ yourself to nicotine which significantly increases your chances of forming tobacco-related side effects like an addiction to cigarettes. 

There is no risk-free way to smoke and vape at the same time as it will eventually lead back to traditional smoking. However, as time goes on we are expecting there to be a rise in vape only products that can help smokers burn off more cigarettes a day whilst they slowly transition over to pure vaping products. In the meantime, if you are looking for a healthier alternative that doesn’t involve smoking anything