Is Vape allowed on a Cruise

Is Vape allowed on a Cruise?

Is bringing a vape pen on a cruise legal? 

If you’re going on a vacation or cruise, you might be wondering if vaping is allowed where you’re going. Different cruises follow different countries’ laws and regulations, and some may have their own vaping policy. If you’re going to join a cruise, double-check the rules before you vape; they’ll vary from one cruise line to the next. 

Are there Vaping Areas on Cruise Ships? 

Most major cruise lines will provide designated smoking areas on their ships, where e-cigarettes can also be used. Guests may be allowed to use vapes in their cabins by some providers, but this should not be assumed. 

Is vaping permitted on a Carnival Cruise? 

Carnival Cruise Lines has designated smoking and vaping areas onboard, which vary depending on the ship. Smoking and vaping are not permitted in passenger cabins aboard Carnival Cruise Lines ships, but designated smoking and vaping areas are available on some ships. All Carnival Cruise lines prohibit smoking outside on embarkation and debarkation days while the ship is refuelling.

Vaping on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Is Legal? 

Royal Caribbean has designated smoking zones onboard their ships, where smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are permitted. Smoking and the usage of electronic cigarettes are not permitted inside any stateroom or stateroom balcony. 

Is Vaping on a P&O Cruise Legal? 

Onboard P&O Cruises, smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are only permitted in designated smoking areas that are clearly marked. Indoor smoking and vaping are not permitted aboard any P&O ship, including guest rooms and balconies. 

What Are the Vaping Laws Different Around the World? 

Vaping regulations differ by country, therefore as a cruise passenger, you must adhere to the limitations of the country where you will be disembarking. Once you’ve disembarked and begun exploring, you must adhere to the local rules. These are unlikely to change considerably from those in the United Kingdom or Europe, although double-checking the rules before travel is always a good idea. Electronic cigarettes are illegal to sell, distribute, use, and/or import in the following countries:

  • Argentina · Brazil · · Panama · Singapore · Thailand · Uruguay · Brunei · Cambodia · Egypt · Oman · Qatar

Vape items accessible in the country where you disembark may differ or be limited. So keep in mind that you may not be able to acquire vaping equipment depending on where you go, and always double-check the limitations before setting sail (also see our guide on vaping abroad).

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