Is Vaping Harder Than Smoking
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Is Vaping Harder Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Harder Than Smoking

Is it Easier to Vape Than smoke?

For decades, people have thought of cigarette smoking as fashionable. We can still see elements of this train of thought in old pictures, movies and TV shows. Even new movies and TV shows paint a similar picture of smoking when trying to depict the past decades. Some of our favourite characters on these shows might easily rip through two or three cigarettes in a single scene. Cigarette smoking wasn’t considered a bad habit back then, it was thought to be cool and even considered a social habit.

As time went by however, more and more cases of health problems started cropping up, particularly lung problems. The question now circulated around the safety of this habit. Scientists and doctors dedicated their time doing research, determined to find answers to this question. Much to the dismay of millions around the world, it was found to be true. Cigarette smoking was not only harmful to people’s health, but it was a silent killer of many.

A number of people, for different reasons, tried to find ways of kicking the habit. Many tried to wean off smoking by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes they smoked while others simply decided to try cold turkey. Modern day science brought forth nicotine patches, nicotine gum and lozenges which have been approved as a way of fighting nicotine addiction.

E-cigarettes were introduced in the market sometime in 2003. This new release at the time was accompanied with immense optimism and for good reason. Initial research showed that they were much safer than smoking cigarettes. They even smelled better and tasted better. Some shared the thought that there wasn’t possibly a better way to quit smoking than through e-cigarettes. To some extent, one might agree with that. Nicotine patches and gum are good, but the feeling of blowing less harmful “vapour” is a lot more satisfying.

There are some people however who want to completely do away with nicotine in their system. Yes, vaping and smoking are two completely different things but from the health perspective, it is more appealing to do neither of the two. This raises the question, which of the two is harder on the body? We already know of people who have successfully quit smoking through vaping, but what about the people that want to give up vaping as well for one reason or another. Let’s do a simple comparison of the two.

Smoking vs vaping

Delivery system

Traditional cigarettes, also known as combustible cigarettes, deliver nicotine into the system through burning of tobacco as the name would suggest. The problem with this however, is the particles that are inhaled into the respiratory system. Apart from the toxins produced by burning the cigarettes, particulate matter making its way into the lungs can cause significant damage. Electronic cigarettes or vapes as they are commonly known, heats up a liquid into vapour which is then inhaled. This eliminates the presence of any particulate matter.

Presence of toxins

Cigarettes are known to have a high concentration of toxins which can cause severe health problems when inhaled as smoke. The most harmful of these toxins are tar and carbon monoxide, which are produced by burning tobacco. E-cigarettes on the other hand are liquid based, with carefully balanced ingredients. At Voom Labs, the e-liquid that is placed into the vape pens is carefully measured with low concentrations and has undergone rigorous testing.


The aftertaste of cigarettes has previously been described as “similar to licking the ashtray at a dive-bar”. The description itself would make anyone want to quit, understandably so. Here at Voom Labs, we want to help you do just that, kick the habit. Our products however not only taste better, but people won’t be repelled by the smell of the vapes. Some might even like it.

Harm to others

Second hand smoke from cigarettes is known to cause harm to other people around the smoker that might possibly have greater effects to them than to the initial smoker. This is because the second-hand smoke, unlike smoke from the cigarette, is unfiltered. There is however no evidence of harm caused to others from vaping.

Why use e-cigarettes?

For starters, e-cigarettes or vapes (also see our online disposable vapes) are effective in managing nicotine cravings. E-juice, the liquid found within vape products, contains small amounts of nicotine. It slowly weans the body of nicotine, easing the body and the mind of a smoker from the addictive nature of smoking.

The effectiveness of e-cigarettes cannot be over-emphasized enough. A study in the UK found that people using e-cigarettes were almost twice as likely to quit smoking as those using other cessation products such as nicotine patches and gum. This was when they paired the use of e-cigarettes with in-person expert support.
Vape devices and products are designed with a simple design that allows users to easily make use of it. Vapes are easy to carry around and you don’t have to worry about ash and wear to throw away the cigarette butts. They are easy to handle and more friendly to the environment.

With e-cigarettes, you can also manage the amount of nicotine you take by using only what you need and ensuring you have the right strength of nicotine in the e-liquid you prefer.


Vaping is clearly the better option when compared to cigarette smoking. It feels better, tastes better and has far less toxins than cigarettes and it also does not cause harm to the people around you.

For people looking to quit smoking, vaping accompanied by expert in-person support might help you achieve that goal much easier compared to other smoking cessation options.

Here at Frunk Bar, we offer high quality vape products that’ll make you not want to look back at cigarettes. There are might be thousands of online vape stores but few can match the quality of the products offered at our Voom Labs online store. Check out the various products and flavors available.

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