Nicotine salts with the best choice of taste (such as tobacco, menthol, mango and coffee flavour), browse our large range of nic salt e-liquid flavours. We have the best 20mg nic salts online in a variety of flavours which are great to quit smoking. Nicotine salts offer a nicotine dose far faster than standard E-liquid, in as little as six seconds. They’re generally sold in a 50/50 mix and work well with low-power devices like vape pods or vape pens. Nic salts allow vapers to utilise higher nicotine levels with less of a harsh throat impact, and they provide a much smoother throat hit than regular E-liquids (Read the article on what are nic salts). Order today for fast United Kingdom shipping.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Nic salts bad for you?

If you are seeking for a quick solution, nicotine salts are not all that horrible compared to cigarettes.

What do NIC salts do?

Nic Salts, as opposed to freebase nicotine, are manufactured with a distinct kind of nicotine. Because the PH level of nicotine in nic salts differs from that of freebase nicotine, it provides a smoother vape. This allows the user to vape a high nicotine concentration without experiencing a severe throat impact.

Do NIC salts give you a buzz?

Nicotine salts are now found in a large number of e-liquids. This is because they might give you the buzz you want when you take a hit from your mod. If you enjoy the sensation of a regular cigarette, nicotine salts should be tried.

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