Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Vaping Device
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Ways To Avoid Damaging Your Vaping Device

You may have heard that e-cigarettes, often known as vapes, have the potential to explode or catch fire, badly injuring users. Vape flames and explosions are harmful to the individual using the vaping product and anyone nearby, even if they seldomly occur. Additional risks might arise, for instance, if a vape battery catches fire or bursts close to flammable liquids or gases like gasoline, propane, or oxygen.

Although the precise causes of vape fires or explosions are unknown, some data points to potential battery-related reasons. The following advice might prevent a fire or explosion from a vape battery and increase the lifespan of your vaping equipment.

9 Tips to Avoid Damaging your Vaping Device

Tips to Avoid Damaging your Vaping Device1. Don’t Drag Too Hard

Too much liquid might be drawn into the mouthpiece when you inhale too forcefully via your pod. It’s essential to remember that pod systems are made for a more discreet and relaxed experience and aren’t always as potent as vape pens or nearly certainly as powerful as box mods. So, if you’re going to use one, make sure to just take drags that are just strong enough to bring some vapour into your mouth.

2. Keep Your Battery Charged

Never allow your battery to get too low since leaks might result from low batteries. Depending on how you use your device, you may need to charge the battery more frequently, but you should aim to do so at least once every few days. It could be time to get a new battery if you notice that your old one isn’t keeping a good charge anymore.

3. Don’t carry vape batteries in your pocket

Never carry free batteries in your pocket near other metal objects. Always carry them in a case. Batteries can explode if they come into touch with metal things like coins or keys. A short circuit may happen as the metal comes into contact with the battery parts.

Your batteries may be stored safely away from other metal things by using a plastic case, which is readily accessible from nearby vape shops or internet retailers.

Additionally, it’s always a wise choice to lock or turn off your device when it’s in your pocket. This will stop your device from experiencing unforeseen changes that compromise the voltage.

4. Reduce your power setting

With each puff, you vaporise more liquid when you vape at greater wattage. Although it might affect your coils, this is perfect if you want large clouds. Your wick occasionally has trouble soaking up liquid rapidly enough to keep up when you vape e-juice at a quicker rate. Additionally, you can burn your wick if it cannot keep up.

Simply lowering your power level will solve the problem. If the flavour starts to fade, your coil is probably drying up and needs more time to absorb the juice. You’ll need to take a break when this occurs, but you can just lower your wattage a little to make it less likely to occur again.

If you keep to the recommended wattage range, which is typically indicated on the coil itself, you shouldn’t experience any problems. It is advisable to begin at the bottom and move up. The simplest option, though, is to reduce the power if you’re having flavour loss and your coils are burning at their present level.

5. Don’t look for cheap. Look for Quality.

Not all electronic cigarettes or vaping kits include a battery or charger. You will be on your own to learn how to power or charge the item. You may find everything you need to buy online by performing a quick search for “vape pen battery” online. Another sign that the company stands behind their goods is a warranty.

6. Keep your vape tank topped up

If your tank has little juice, your wicks might not be able to absorb it as efficiently. The juice must be at a particular level to reach the wicking ports on many coil heads. Juice doesn’t absorb as rapidly when the wick comes into touch with less of it. This can easily lead to problems if your juice level is really low.

Keeping your tank full is the easiest fix for this. It’s probably time to stop using the juice in the tank and replenish it when the performance starts to decline, and the flavour starts to fade. If you don’t want the flavours to combine, you can empty it beforehand. As an alternative, you may often rotate your tank to ensure that the liquid soaks the wicks. However, this is less dependable and becomes extremely difficult when your juice level is too low, so recharging is the best course of action.

7. Store vape batteries at the proper temperature

Always take precautions against high temperatures when using a vape device or battery. That means both extremes of heat and cold. Never store your batteries in a moving vehicle on a hot day or in a very cold climate.

Be wise, then. Don’t store it in your freezer or keep it out in the sun. Additionally, under no circumstances bake them.

Extreme temperatures increase the risk of an explosion by significantly harming your batteries and causing them to decay too soon.

8. Regularly Change Cartridges

Disposable vape pods are intended to be replaced from time to time. Your vaping frequency will determine how frequently you should replace your cartridges. When you finally figure it out, be sure to keep replacing them to avoid burnt-out coils and leaky pods.

9. Make sure you follow the vape or e-cig manufacturer recommendations

The majority of vape device manufacturers include care instructions and instructions for use with the box. or make the details available on their website. As a final resort, if they don’t, you could ask the manufacturer directly for an answer.

What Else Can I Do?

Your best defence against vape battery fires or explosions may be to learn as much as possible about your device and how to handle and charge its batteries until all vapes, and vape batteries adhere to strict and standardised safety regulations.

  • Be sure to read and comprehend the manufacturer’s instructions for proper equipment use and maintenance. Contact the manufacturer if your vape did not arrive with instructions or if you have any issues.
  • Use just the batteries that your gadget specifies. Never combine batteries from various manufacturers, utilise batteries with various charge levels, or combine old and new ones.
  • Avoid leaving your vaporiser in the sun or in the car on a hot summer day or a chilly winter night, and avoid charging it when it’s extremely cold or hot.
  • It is best to steer clear of vaping near flammable liquids or gases, like gasoline, propane, or oxygen.
  • To lessen risks to the environment and human health, properly dispose of vapes and e-liquids.

How often and at what times should I change my vape coils?

The majority of fresh coils are made to last anywhere from 7 to 21 days, while the precise time frame may vary from person to person based on their unique vaping habits. Depending on how well you maintain and clean your equipment, this changes.

Every vape coil eventually reaches a point when it must be changed since it is no longer operating correctly.

What are the warning signals that it’s time to replace your coils, then? Here are the 5 unmistakable signs to remember:

1. You begin to notice that your mouth has a burned taste

The most obvious indication that your coil needs to be changed is this. Even when utilising premium e-juices, vaping may cause your tongue to develop a scorched, unpleasant taste.

This is typically the result of burned coil and wick material. When this occurs, make sure to rapidly replace your coil to prevent harming other components of your device.

2. Your Vape Starts Tasting Bad

You don’t have to wait for your coil to taste burnt before replacing it, even if it is a dead giveaway. Even before that, you can start noticing that your vape juice tastes bland or different from how it typically does.

This typically occurs because your wick and coil have been so saturated with various e-juices that they can no longer give the intended flavour.

3. Your Vape Makes a Crackling/Spitting Sound

Your gadget may be making a gurgling sound due to anything from poor coil installation to tank overflow.

However, if you continue to hear it even after readjusting your coil, it may be that your coil is broken and has to be replaced.

4. Your Vape Starts Leaking

Although the coil in your e-cigarette may not always be to blame for leaks, it may be one of the causes. This often occurs when your coil has outstayed its usefulness and isn’t functioning properly.

5. Poor and Inconsistent Clouds

It may be a clue that your coil needs to be replaced if you aren’t producing the large clouds of vapour you’re used to. This is a slightly subtler signal, yet it is still important to pay attention to.

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