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What are the Best Cheap Vapes?

UK Disposable vape kits have gone down pretty well with vapers, particularly the younger generation, ever since their market launch. With its compact and stylish designs along with on-the-trend assorted flavour choices, it’s a no-brainer why disposable vape pods are undeniably well-accepted by the e-cigarette community.

Generally, a disposable vape pod is an e-cigarette in the form of a tiny pod or vaporiser. Product manufacturers have focused on incorporating a much modern approach rather than settling for the conventional tobacco cigarette look. The new design also features a bigger e-liquid reservoir, larger battery life, and easy-breezy operation.

32 Best Cheap Vape Pods 2022

If the idea of disposable e-cigarettes interests you, scroll through these top-of-the-line disposable vape pods and experience a whole lot more enjoyable and convenient vaping experience!

1. Frunk Bar

Frunk BarFrunk Bar offers single-use disposable vape pods incorporating nicotine salts in its e-juice. The device requires no e-liquid refill, charging, or coils and pods change. Simply inhale when vaping and get rid of the device once the e-liquid has exhausted.

The Frunk is light and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping while travelling, enjoying a night out, or commuting, and you can even use it as a backup device. Furthermore, Frunk Bar highlights 12 amazing crafted flavours to choose from!


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg nic salt
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Puff Count: 600-1,200 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Flavour Options

Twisted Apple, Energy Burst, Grapefruit Passion, Strawberry Nana, Cool Pineapple, Peach On Ice, Orange Breezer, Club Cola, Mint Mania, Iced Mango, Watermelon Splash, and Berry Mixer.

2. VOOM Bar

VOOM BarVOOM Bar is one of the best disposable vapes suitable for smokers who want to switch to electronic cigarettes without spending too much. VOOM Bar, also known as VOOM Iris, doesn’t require prior e-cigarette experience. Also, the e-cigarette’s disposable vapours don’t have settings; thus, all done automatically — ideal for beginners.


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Puff Count: 600 puffs
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)/Vegetable glycerin (VG) Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Flavour Options

Blueberry ice, Grape Ice, Mango Ice, Orange Ice, Peach Ice, Pineapple Ice, Apple Ice, Blackcurrant Grape, Cola, Mixed Berries, Mint, Passion Grapefruit, Strawberry Banana, and Pineapple Lemon.

3. IVG Bar

IVG Bar disposable vapeIVG Bar is one of the most recommended vaping devices for those who want to make a healthier switch to vaping and those who don’t want to worry about pod or coil changes. This disposable vape pod is a fantastic item you can take wherever you go!


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg nicotine salts
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Puff Count: 600 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh

Flavour Options

Energy Ice, Pineapple Grapefruit Ice, Cola Ice, Berry Lemonade Ice, Blue Raspberry Ice, Mango Lychee, Fuji Apple Melon, Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Raspberry Pink Apple, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Orange Mix, Peach Rings, and Passionfruit.

4. Glamz Bar

Glamz BarGlamz Bar’s disposable kit will allow you to relish delicious crafted flavours in an exceptional disposable vape! The brand’s vape pod is a British disposable vape pen with pre-loaded liquid. Glamz Bar’s overall structure combines a modern-looking design and straightforward operation.


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg and 0mg
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Puff Count: 600 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh

Flavour Options

Mango Ice, Cola Ice, Pineapple Ice, Blueberry Ice, Peach Ice, Lush Ice, Black Ice, Lychee Ice, Banana Melon, Passion Fruit, Lemon Twist, Cool Grape, Pink Lemonade, Sour Apple, Mixed Berries, Bubblegum, Watermelon Chills, Red blast, and Menthol.

5. Geek Bar

Geek BarGeek Bar disposable vape devices, including the famous Geek Bar Lite, are superb disposable e-cigarette tools you could maximise after quitting smoking cigarettes. Geek Bar offers an elementary disposable vape kit with no settings, a non-rechargeable battery, and requires no refill.


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg
  • Juice Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Puff Count: 600 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh

Flavour Options

Lush Ice, Peach, Grape Raspberry, Lemon Mint, Mango Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana Smoothie, and Green Apple.

6. Aroma King

Aroma KingWant a simple yet effective vaping experience? You could never go wrong in Aroma King Disposable Vape Device! With its modern, sleek design, specialised heating system, and pre-filled e-juice, this is an ideal vape pod for everyone!


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg
  • Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Puff Count: 700 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh

Flavour Options

Blueberry Ice, Banana Ice, Cool Ice, Ice Mint, Ice Cherry, Ice Mint Lemon, Mango Apple Pear, Apple, Coca Cola, Blueberry Mint, Mint Lemon, Cool Mint, Berry Mint, Cherry, Mint, and Cool Mango.

7. Elf Bar

Elf BarElf Bar offers a budget-friendly e-cigarette disposable device suitable for smokers who want to switch to vaping without breaking the bank by investing in a complete disposable kit, e-liquid, and coils.


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg
  • Juice Capacity: 2.5ml
  • Puff Count: 550 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 75:25
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh

Flavour Options

Pink Lemonade, Cream Tobacco, Pineapple, Coconut Melon, Blueberry, Peach, Spearmint, and Mango.

8. Beco Bar

Beco BarBeco Bar is an extra tiny pre-filled disposable vape pod with smooth nicotine salt vape juice. You could use the vape device effortlessly. It also comes in various crafted flavours, ideal for people intending to start their vaping journey!


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg nic salt
  • Juice Capacity: 1.3ml
  • Puff Count: 250-300 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 60:40
  • Battery Capacity: 280mAh Integrated Battery
  • Heating Element: Ni80 or Cr20+Cotton

Flavour Options

Banana Ice, Peach Ice, Mango Ice, Lush Ice, Lychee Ice, Strawberry Banana, Blueberry and Raspberry, Spearmint, Pink Lemonade, and Menthol Tobacco.

9. Puff Bar

Puff BarPuff Bar has been making noise in the vape market for a while now. The bar became a popular brand due to its compact, light, and portable structure. Puff Bar doesn’t require to be maintained, charged, or refilled.

When the vape juice has gone out, buy a new replacement. Puff Bar is designed to be a single-use device. The bar comes with two variants of nicotine strengths; 20mg and 50mg.


  • Nicotine strength: 20mg or 50mg nic salt
  • Juice Capacity: 1.8ml
  • Puff Count: 400 puffs
  • PG: VG Ratio: 50:50
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh Integrated Battery

Flavour Options

Lush Ice, Banana Ice, Peach Ice, Lychee Ice, Blueberry Ice, Tangerine Ice, Guava Ice, Cool mint, Soul Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cafe Latte, Pink Lemonade, Cucumber, Pomegranate, and Pineapple Lemon.

10. Qis Bar

The Qis bar is a one-time-use vape pod that requires no maintenance. The nicotine salt blend in the vaping device is either 10mg or 20mg. It has a 300 puff capacity. When the device’s content is depleted, it does not need to be recharged or refilled. The vape pod is activated by a manual draw.

Qis BarFeatures

  • Inhale activated
  • Convenient and classy
  • MTL vaping
  • Manual draw activation
  • Approx. 300puffs
  • Light and compact
  • Easy to Use
  • 2%(20mg) and 1%(10mg) Nicotine strength

Flavour Options

Ice, Spearmint, Blue Raspberry, Mango Ice, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry ice, Banana Ice, Peach ice.

11. Riot Squad

Riot SquadRiot Squad is known for its cult favourite line of vape juices, which are both flavorful and tantalising! Riot Squad has recently impressed us all with a throwaway that is not only flavoursome but also responsibly manufactured!
The QBAR comes with 2mls of nic salt vape liquid in 10mg and 20mg strengths, so you don’t have to go high strength, but if you want, the nic salt content will give you a smooth inhalation.


  • Carbon neutral
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Very slimline and travel-friendly design
  • Two different strengths to choose between

Flavour Options

Blue Burst, Strawberry and Blueberry Ice, Mango Peach and Pineapple, Sweet Strawberry, Watermelon Ice, Triple Mint, Menthol Ice, Grape Ice, Classic Tobacco

12. Nasty Juice Nasty Fix

Nasty Juice Nasty FixNasty Fix disposable vapes saw Nasty burst onto the disposable vape industry with a boldness and a pen design that puts many others to shame.
Nasty Fix disposable vapes come in 10mg and 20mg dosages and are filled with iconic Nasty Juice flavours including Cushman, Asap Grape, and Bloody Berry, offering you more options than disposable pens generally do.


  • Airflow adjustment
  • Huge battery
  • Classic Nasty Juice flavours

Flavour Options

ASAP Grape, Blackcurrant Cotton Candy, Cushman Banana, Slow Blow, Trap Queen, Cushman

13. Elux Legend Mini

Elux Legend MiniIt’s tempting to dismiss disposable vapes as an afterthought, as something plain and unworthy of the same design attention as a normal refillable kit. Eluxtech is here to show you how incorrect that assumption is!
The Elux Legend Mini is a beautifully built disposable vape with a 500mAh battery that can easily amount to 600 puffs, which is generally enough for a couple of days of vaping pleasure.

Each Elux Legend Mini comes with 2ml of 20mg nic salt liquid pre-filled, ensuring smooth inhales even at high concentrations. There are only eight flavours to choose from, which isn’t as many as some, but trust us when we say it’s a pretty limited selection! These flavours stand out as really top-shelf, from Fuji Melon to the tropical thrill of Tiger Blood!


  • Fantastic build design
  • Really standout range of flavours
  • Ergonomic grip

Flavour Options

Apple Peach Pear, Blackcurrant Menthol, Blueberry Pomegranate, Fuji Melon, Mr. Blue, Tiger Blood, Unicorn Shake

14. Innokin iFrit Flow

Innokin iFrit FlowInnokin is best known for its very reliable and user-friendly starters kits like the T18-II and T22 Pro, but they’ve now decided to try their hand at disposables, and has they delivered!

With a pre-charged 450mAh battery, the Innokin Ifrit Flow is easily capable of giving a couple of days’ worth of vaping enjoyment, with up to 600 puffs each unit.

The Innokin Ifrit Flow comes pre-filled with 2mls of 20mg nicotine salt vape juice in 8 different fruity flavours ranging from Cherry Lemonade to Sour Berries, so while there’s nothing for cream lovers, there’s plenty for fruit lovers!


  • Innokin design expertise
  • Novel design
  • Up to 600 puffs!

Flavour Options

Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Grape, Cherry Lemonade, Green Tangerine, Jungle Juice, Sour Berries

15. Voopoo Zovoo Dragbar

Voopoo Zovoo DragbarVoopoo is most renowned for its achievements in both the worlds of huge mods, such as the Argus GT2 Kit and pod vapes, such as the DRAG S Kit. With their arrival into the world of the greatest disposable vapes, they’re set to complete the trifecta!

The Voopoo Zovoo Dragbar 600 Nic Salt Disposable Vape features a beautiful glossy finish and a unique bullet-style design with a tapered drip tip that fits pleasantly in the mouth.
The Dragbar can offer up to 600 puffs of 20mg nicotine intensity vape liquid, all blended with nicotine salts for the smoothest possible inhalation experience, thanks to its 400mAh battery.


  • Incredible menthol flavours
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Leak proof design

Flavour Options

Peach Ice, Banana Ice, Grape Ice, Lush Ice, Menthol

16. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady E-cigaretteDinner Lady, whose iconic dessert flavours enjoyed continued success in the shape of 50/50 nic salts and now continue to gratify in the form of fashionable disposable vapes, makes a surprise appearance!

And when I say stylish, I really mean it; most disposable vapes have the same ‘datastick’ aesthetic that many people associate with the JUUL. Dinner Lady has certainly put thought into creating an aesthetic that is both elegant and subtle. A slim, solidly made steel cylinder that feels as good in the hand as a fountain pen, with no showy graphics or unnecessary mouthpiece to detract from the pure flavour and pleasure on offer.


  • Very solid steel build
  • Sleek and eye-catching design
  • Classic Dinner Lady flavour range

Flavour Options

Lemon Tart, Fruit Mix, Blue Menthol, Smooth Tobacco, Pink Berry, Strawberry Macaroon

17. Flum Float

Flum FloatFlum Float is all about variety when it comes to disposables. They were originally available in 10 flavours, but there are now a staggering 20 to select from—with even more on the way! Each Float disposable has 8 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt juice, as well as a big battery capable of 3000 puffs.


  • Approximately 3000 Puffs
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism

Flavour Options

Aloe Grape, Cool Mint, Lush Ice, Mixed Berries, Red Bang, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango, Breeze, Pina Polo, Strawberry Ice Cream

18. BLVK Ello

BLVK ElloThe Ello is a BLVK product, so you know it’ll be delicious! It also has one of the most comfortable mouthpieces we’ve encountered on a disposable, which provides a gratifying MTL draw. BLVK Ello disposables have a 2500 puff capacity and are available in 10 flavours, each with 7 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt e-liquid.


  • 7mL E-Liquid Capacity
  • 5% (50mg) Nicotine Strength
  • Approximately 2500 Puffs

Flavour Options

Blue Razz Ice, Grape Aloe, Grapple Ice, Hawaiian Ice, Jolly Apple Ice, Just Mint, Mango Aloe, Peachy Ice

19. Vaporlax Disposable

VaporlaxVariety is the name of the game with Vaporlax disposables! They have a 6.5 mL capacity (1500 puffs or more) and contain 50 mg of nicotine. But the best part is that they come in a staggering 22 flavours! A range of fruity vapes, a handful of custard alternatives for those with a sweet craving, and everything in between can be found in the selection.


  • 6.5 mL capacity
  • Staggering 22 flavours
  • 50 mg of nicotine

Flavour Options

Strawberry Cream, Blue Razz, Crush Grape, Cool Mint, Strawberry Banana

20. CUBE Disposable

CUBE DisposableThe CUBE disposables come with a nicotine-free option, which is unusual in the disposable vape sector. Each CUBE gadget carries 11 mL of e-liquid and has an adjustable airflow system as well as a long-lasting battery that lasts over 3000 puffs. CUBE disposables are available in 20 flavours and with a nicotine dosage of 5%.


  • Squared body feels good in the hand
  • 11 mL of juice
  • Adjustable airflow

Flavour Options

Tobacco, mango ice, strawberry banana, strawberry watermelon, peach ice, blueberry ice, menthol, grape ice, peach ice, banana ice

21. Posh Vape

Posh VapeThe disposable, pre-filled e-cigs from Posh Vapes come in eight different flavours. The flavour options are largely fruit-based and range from Mango Frost to Cool Melon. Blueberry Ice and Frozen Grape are two more tastes. The devices are compact and lightweight, fitting easily into any pocket. Posh Vapes disposables are not rechargeable or refillable, and they are only intended for single use. Posh Vapes are air-activated and do not have any buttons.


  • Great flavour options
  • Good vapour production
  • Lightweight and portable

Flavour Options

Blueberry Ice, Cool Melon, Cotton Candy, Frozen Grape, Lush Ice, Mango Frost, Mint, Pineapple Slush, Banana Smoothie, Pink Lemonade

22. VGOD STIG Pods

VGOD STIG PodsSTIG disposable pods are portable vaping devices that are simple to use. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket and come individually wrapped. 1.2ml of an unique nicotine salt mixture is contained in each pod.

The nicotine level of the juice is 6.0 percent (60mg). The devices are compact and contain no buttons, as well as a flattened mouthpiece. Breathing activates the entire system.

The device does not need to be charged or the pods filled. There are five different flavours to choose from.


  • Convenient
  • Easy-to-use
  • Good MTL vape

Flavour Options

Mango Bomb, Cubano, Lush Ice, Mint, Tropical Mango

23. Blu Disposable E-Cigarette

Blu Disposable E-CigaretteThe Blu Disposable E-Cig is fully charged out of the box, so there’s no need to recharge it or worry about running out of juice. To activate it, all you have to do is pull.

The battery and e-juice within last 400 puffs, but the device’s longevity is determined by how frequently it is used. Simply throw it away after you’re through. This fire-and-forget e-cigarette is far less expensive than other complex vaping devices while providing the same experience.


  • Easy to use
  • Zero maintenance
  • Good flavours

Flavour Options

classic tobacco, magnificent menthol, vivid vanilla, cherry crush, and polar mint

24. Mojo

mojo vapeMojo is a well-known brand. The gadget is intended for adult smokers and includes 1.2ml of salt nicotine vape juice. Each stick lasts approximately 250 puffs, or about 20 cigarettes.

The draw activated technology, which means the item is activated by inhaling, makes using it a breeze.


  • 1.2ml of salt nicotine
  • Works quietly and offers a constant hit
  • about 250 puffs

Flavour Options

Tobacco, lemon dessert, menthol, strawberry, iced pineapple, cool melon, peach, cubano

25. ePuffer XPOD

ePuffer XPODEPuffer XPOD small vapes come with pre-filled cartridges and are disposable. Each pod contains 18mg of nicotine and is available in three flavours. The PG/VG ratio in the drink is 50/50.

The devices have been completely integrated. The pods are removed and reinserted from the bottom. The device is draw-activated and has no buttons. When the device is turned on, a little LED light illuminates. The pods can carry 1.2mL of liquid, however they are single-use only and cannot be refilled.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Stealthy and discreet
  • Portable

Flavour Options

Tropical Mango, Premium Tobacco, Cool Menthol

26.  ePuffer Eco Premium Tobacco Disposable

ePuffer Eco Premium TobaccoThe Epuffer Eco is a fantastic emulation of real cigarettes, with rich flavour, tighter draws, and a delicate filter.
Because of its natural simplicity and excellent draw, the Epuffer Eco e-cigarette is in a class by itself. It’s a disposable device that’s pre-charged for up to 500 flavorful puffs, which is the equal of 30 ordinary tobacco cigarettes. It comes in a travel-friendly square plastic tube that protects the e-cig.


Premium Tobacco, Caramel Mocha, and Menthol

Flavour Options

  • 500 puffs per disposable
  • 70:30 PG/VG ratio
  • High-quality e-juice ingredients

27. Pacha Mama Disposable Vape

Pacha Mama Disposable VapePacha Mama is known for its vape juice line, which features delectable e-liquid flavours. Pacha Mama has recently released an all-new vaping device that includes all of their Pacha Mama vape liquids in a mouth-to-lung gadget.


  • 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid
  • 450mAh internal battery
  • 600  puffs approx.

Flavour Options

Apple, strawberry, orange, banana, raspberry, pear, peach, coconut, pineapple

28. Smok Novo Bar

Smok Novo BarThe Smok Novo Bar disposable vape pen is the company’s newest vape pen. The Smok MBAR, Smok’s previous disposable vape, included a 280mAh built-in battery, 1.3ml nic salt pod capacity, and 400 puffs. The new Smok Novo Bar disposable vape boasts a larger pod capacity of 2ml of 20mg nicotine salts, a powerful 600mAh battery, and can deliver up to 600 puffs.


  • Powerful 600mAh battery
  • 2ml of 20mg nicotine salts
  • 600 puffs

Flavour Options

Banana Ice, Cotton Candy Ice, Mango, Strawberry Ice, Energy Ice, Grape, Blueberry, Pink Lemonade, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Orange Soda, Lychee Ice, Watermelon Ice, Mixed Fruits, Icy Cola, Peach Ice

29. GO Pod Salt

GO Pod SaltThe Pod Salt GO 600 is the second generation of disposable vapes from Pod Salt. The Pod Salt GO pod is a small disposable vape device designed for vapers who prefer a modern all-black kit. Vapers who prefer dessert, tobacco, and menthol flavours will enjoy Pod Salt e-liquid flavours. The Pod Salt GO 600 disposable vapes have a 400mAh battery that enables an all-day vaping experience with 600 pleasant puffs, giving vapers hours of vape time.


  • 400mAh battery
  • 600 pleasant puffs
  • Modern all-black kit

Flavour Options

Blue Ice, Banana Ice, Double Apple, Fresh Mint, Mango Ice, Mixed Berries Ice, Watermelon Breeze

30. YOLO Bar Disposable Vape

YOLO Bar Disposable VapeThe YOLO Bar disposable vape pen is one of the most popular on the market. It not only comes with 575 puffs of 20mg nic salts, but it also has an integrated rechargeable battery that extends the life of your vape. The YOLO Bar is ideal for folks who don’t want to vape every day or who want to mix up their vape juice flavours. Because it’s rechargeable, you can consume all of the vape juice in the YOLO Bar’s tank before discarding it.


  • 20mg nic salts
  • 575 puffs
  • Integrated rechargeable battery

Flavour Options

Banana, Blueberry, Watermelon Ice, Grape Ice, Mixed Berries, Mango Ice, Lychee Ice, Menthol

31. Sirius 2200

Sirius 2200The Sirius 2200 by Vaporlax is available in over 20 flavours, each with a generous 10ml of vape juice. The Sirius 2200 can give 2200 hits (as the name says) when combined with a 1500mAh battery, which is quite amazing. The Sirius features 50mg salt nicotine vape juice and some of the most delectable fruit flavours available.


  • 1500mAh battery
  • 10ml of vape juice
  • 50mg salt nicotine vape juice

Flavour Options

Cool Mint, Strawberry Cream, Captain, Blue Razz (Blueberry Raspberry), Strawberry Banana, Crush Grape, Peach Ice, Pineapple Peach Mango, Lush Ice, Tropical Punch, Energy, Blueberry Ice, Rainbow Mix, Banana Ice, Icy Fruits, Apple Peach Pear, Lemon Bar, Hawaiian Mix

32. Draco disposables Vapes

Draco disposables VapesDraco disposable vape pens are among the most visually appealing of all of the disposable vape manufacturers on this list. They come with a rechargeable 1000mAh battery and are prefilled with 16ml of nicotine salt juice, making them one of the longest-lasting disposable vapes.


  • Visually appealing
  • 16ml of nicotine salt juice
  • Rechargeable 1000mAh battery

Flavour Options

Strawberry Cream, Mango Dragonfruit, Peach Ice, Citrus Lemonade, Mango Berry, Sour Cherry, Red Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Mixed Berries, Blue Lush, Luscious, Cool Mint


Quitting smoking is a tough challenge for experienced smokers, but these e-cigarette devices could help you transition to a much safer option for your well-being. While studies suggest that vaping is relatively safer than traditional smoking, it could still pose serious health threats, especially to adolescents. So if you’re reading this and you’re a non-smoker, keep away from any form of cigarettes.

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