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What is Vaper’s Tongue and How to Get Rid of This?

Puffing your favourite vape juice flavour might give you the satisfaction you need, or it could lighten up your mood and keep you pumped up for the next hours. However, this euphoric feeling may be impossible once your tongue starts to refuse vape juice taste.

With these instances of confusing vapers, it is unquestionable how pretty bothersome it could be because a loss of taste could indicate health-related problems. 

On the other hand, we assure you to frown not, and if this ever happens to you, while it is true that something is off, there are still ways to manage this problem and tips on how to get rid of it.

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What is Vaper’s Tounge?

Have you ever experienced puffing your vape and then suddenly, the juice does not taste the same anymore even though you have been using it for quite a while now?

In this case, then you might have a Vaper’s Tounge or Vaper’s Fatigue. This condition arises because of the regular use of vaping, and its common symptom is the sudden or unexpected loss of taste.

On the other hand, experts say that you do not have anything to worry about because Vaper’s Tounge only occurs temporarily and won’t last long with the proper care and remedy.

Experts also suggest that, even though the tongue cannot taste vape juices, it does not mean that your nicotine absorption is not affected. The body still absorbs nicotine, but the tongue refuses to taste the flavours.

What Causes Vaper’s Tongue?

There could be several reasons why your sense of smell is compromised once you have experienced Vaper’s Tongue. To get to know more about the underlying causes of why this instance happens, read more below:

1. Dehydration

To explain the cause of Vaper’s Tongue, let us take a quick trip down science subject lane. With our nearly 8,000 taste buds residing in our tongues, they restore every ten days. 

With this process, the gustatory sense or simple sense of taste might need help from the saliva to keep the buds working. However, the story changes once you start using vaping because vaping dries your mouth faster because constant inhaling requires mouth breathing.

Due to dry mouth, there is a lack of saliva, which is one of the very reasons why we can taste. It is almost impossible to distinguish the tastes you are consuming with their absence.

2. Olfactory Sense Issues

Another explanation for the vaper’s tongue is that when your olfactory sense fails to do its duty to perceive the aroma exposed to it. It is important to note that your sense of taste and smell work together and your sense of smell is responsible for 70% of sensed flavour.

How to Get Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

Being unable to taste the flavour of your favourite vape can be the most aggravating thing for any vapers, and of course, the underlying causes of it are as bothering as well.

That is why one of the effective solutions in getting rid of them is to make a way to get rid of them is to think of the ideal way to address them properly with due care.

  1. Drink Adequate Water

The number one reason why a vaper’s tongue occurs is because of dehydration. With this, drinking water can effectively make the coat-like feel on your tongue and eventually bring back your saliva so that you can finally taste it again.

Besides, drinking more water could also make your body healthy since it is known that our body is made up of 60% water. Not only you can get rid of the Vaper’s Tongue, but you can actually treat your body right, the way it deserves to be treated.

  1. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages

Since the primary goal is to hydrate yourself, avoiding caffeine and alcohol can help combat dehydration since caffeinated and alcoholic drinks may dry your mouth once you consume them.

 If you cannot avoid them immediately, you may want to get rid of them gradually until you can avoid them completely. What matters most is that you lessen your intake daily until you progress.

  1. Take an oral Hydration Remedy

Oral hydration products such as Biotene could temporarily help in combatting dry mouth. Oral hydration products can take many forms, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, mouth spray, and overnight gel.

The good thing about Biotene is that it does not contain alcoholic ingredients.

  1. Clean your Tongue

Cleaning your tongue does not only make them neat and tidy but also could make the unnecessary bacteria reside go away so you can improve your taste.

  1. Quit Smoking

Trying to stop smoking, of course, can not only improve your taste but can also save your health from deteriorating. It is almost unquestionable that if you stop smoking, your body may start to free itself from the toxins it gets from the nicotine.

  1. Lessen Your Vape Intake

Controlling your vaping can help a lot in improving your taste because taking breaks from vaping can also serve as a breather for your taste buds. With this, you can grant your body nicotine and enough rest for your taste buds.

  1. Switch to Unflavoured Juices

Switching to new vape juice flavours may cause you no harm, and it could improve your taste, especially the ones unflavoured. Switching to unflavoured juices can help you get rid of the vaper’s tongue because of their slightly sweet taste. 

Switching to unflavoured juices can give you the illusion of taking a break from vaping without actually doing it.

  1. Try Menthol-flavoured Juices

Apart from unflavoured juices, switching to menthol-flavoured juices, such as the Frunk Bar’s Mint Disposable Vape could give you a cooling sensation and improve your taste. If you wonder why menthol vapes are good, it is all because of the thermoreceptors that reset your tastebuds and give them a break from tutty fruity flavours.


Taking care of your health should be your top priority, and it is in no way justifiable to compromise your health just because of your life pleasures. In light of this, taking care of your body also includes getting rid of the bad habits that only produce toxins.

That is why it is important to look after what you enjoy to intake the most because most of the time, no matter how pleasurable they are, they still take a toll on your body.

Additionally, you do not have to completely quit vaping as you can switch from tutty flavoured vapes to unflavoured ones or menthol-flavoured as they help in making it easier for your taste buds.

However, you can still enjoy vaping, but with only responsible and proper use.

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