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Why Is Vaping Better Than Smoking? 5 Practical Reasons

It’s not easy to quit smoking. However, many habitual smokers want to quit. That’s actually for plenty of reasons because in the UK, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of death that could have otherwise been prevented.

What options do you have to quit smoking? There are several ways to go for this, and one of the most beneficial is to vape. Yes, puffing a vape or e-cigarette can help you kick your smoking habit. The following are the reasons why.

5 Practical Benefits Of Vaping

vaping vs smoking

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Vaping gives better benefits to your health

People may have the notion that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. Then again, that is not usually the case because it has been estimated that vaping is 95% more beneficial to your health. When you smoke, you ingest numerous chemicals, unlike with vaping wherein you inhale only a few. What’s more, smoke from e-cigarettes doesn’t stay in your body and remain in your lungs like tar (which usually happens with smoking).

It is much cheaper to vape than smoke

Those who smoke an average of 11 tobacco cigarettes a day spend £1700 a year. But if you vape, you get to shell off an upfront cost of £30, and an estimated £90 a year for added accessories that include replacing coils and batteries or you can buy a disposable vape which you can throw away after use. This expense is for your bulk purchase for starters. From then on, you need to spend only £364 yearly for refilling your e-liquid.

Vaping aids in quitting smoking

Puffing an e-cigarette is effective in helping a smoker quit. Research has in fact shown that vaping is twice more effective in overcoming cigarette smoking addiction compared to traditional NRTs or nicotine replacement therapies. In a study that was conducted in conjunction with NHS, it was found that, with the help of vaping, 18% of habitual smokers were able to quit successfully after 1 year while NRT users only helped 9.9%.

Vapour from e-cigarettes is less dangerous than second-hand smoke

Over the years, studies have indicated that smoking does not only harm the smoker but those who are around them as well. These are the dangers of second-hand smoking. This is not the case with second-hand vapour from e-cigarettes where research has shown that its effects are negligible.

E-cigarette vapour does not last in the air

That is, it is broken down in a matter of seconds and does not affect air quality. It is unlike tobacco cigarette smoke that lingers in the air for 30 minutes. As a result, unpleasant cigarette odor stays on their walls, furniture and clothes. Smoke inhaled through vapes quickly disappears after puffing.