The Pro's and Cons of Vaping
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Why vape? Pros and Cons

Why vape? Pros and Cons

The Pro’s and Cons of Vaping

As we would describe it, Vaping is the inhalation of vapor produced by the heating up of the e-liquid contained in an e-cigarette. This e-liquid contains a combination of different ingredients, including nicotine and flavorings. Vaping has become popular in recent years because of the flavors and smells it produces and as an alternative method to help quit smoking.
The main idea behind vaping being safer than smoking is eliminating the toxic materials produced when lighting a cigarette. These toxins include carbon monoxide, tar, and particulate matter. Since e-cigarettes do not involve the burning of

tobacco, these harmful toxins are avoided.

E-cigarettes have quite several benefits. To help you appreciate the advantages, the team from Voom Labs has compiled the tips below. Voom Labs is a reputable online store known for its quality products and devices.

That said, let’s dive in!

Vaping costs less

If you look at how much money a long-term cigarette smoker spends each day on a pack of cigarettes, then add it up to a month, the total amount is quite significant. In comparison, e-cigarettes may seem costly when purchasing your preferred device and accessories. However, after buying these items, all you’ll ever need to do is replace the e-liquid when it runs out. You’ll find that refilling the e-liquid from time to time certainly costs a lot less than buying a pack of cigarettes per day.

Vaping is relatively safer.

When compared to tobacco, E-liquids are a lot safer for your system. Cigarettes contain many toxins responsible for lung cancer and several respiratory problems. E-cigarettes were invented to safely deliver nicotine to the person using the device without having to worry about toxins making their way to your system.
Cardio-vascular health

A study at the University of Dundee in the UK found that long-term smokers who switch to e-cigarettes halfway achieved the cardio-vascular health of non-smokers within a month. They also recorded a significant improvement in the functioning of blood vessels. Even though this was considered a short-term improvement, it would mean a reduced risk of cardiovascular problems if it sustains long-term.

An alternative method of smoking cessation

Vaping has become one of the preferred smoking cessation methods compared to other methods such as nicotine gum and patches. A study in the UK even found it to be twice as effective as the other methods when coupled with face-to-face support from experts. This means that people looking to quit smoking are not only more likely to achieve that goal, but they may also stop much faster as compared with the other methods.

Lower risk of passive consumption

Compared to the smoke from a cigarette, the vapor from an e-cigarette dissipates into the air much faster. This reduces the risk of passive consumption and thus a lower risk of causing harm to others. Vapor from e-cigarettes also does not get absorbed into clothes or household items such as couches and curtains, unlike cigarette smoke, thus a lower chance of it coming into contact with kids.

E-cigarettes offer a wide variety of flavors.

Smoking is known for its nasty aftertaste. On the other hand, vaping leaves you with a much more pleasant feel. At Voom Labs, flavors range from the classic mint to the more exotic blackcurrant grape and ice cream flavors. Whichever might be your preferred choice, our products will not disappoint. The vapes smell good too!

Vaping can improve your social life.

It’s no secret that vaping is more appealing nowadays than cigarette smoking. With the increase of the uptake of vaping(see frunk bar disposable vapes) in our communities, you can quickly expand your social circle. Besides, it is much easier to develop a better vape ice breaker than the old “do you come here often?

Another reason vaping is more acceptable is the earlier stated issue of reduced second-hand smoke. In addition, people around you are not worried about their health since vape e-juice has
fewer chemicals.

The smell

One significant drawback of smoking tobacco is the smell. The odor lingers on everything, from your clothes to the furniture to your breath. Smokers have the smell of smoke on them constantly. This is noticed easily by others and can be a bother.

Switching to e-cigarettes helps you enjoy the benefits of smoking without the smell. Vaping products are available in various flavors, from mango to banana to blackcurrant grape. Vape users have the delicious scent of e-juice on them. To check the different products that Voom Labs has, click on the following link.

Easier to conceal

Vape pens are easier to conceal when you want to take a puff or two, and there aren’t a lot of restrictions since, technically, it’s not smoking. Although one might get in trouble for smoking at work or home, it is better to step outside for a but when you want to take a drag.

Vaping is more friendly to the environment.

As previously mentioned, vapor from an e-cigarette dissipates much faster than regular smoke. Disposable e-cigarettes are also much easier to get rid of than cigarette butts. Since some of the cartridges are refillable, you might not need to dispose of them at all, at least not for a while.

Bottom line

From the information detailed above, you can appreciate all the benefits of vaping and the use of vape products. However, the quality of the products also has a part to play. When you use quality vape products, you can enjoy all the inherent benefits of vaping.

Frunk Bar offer some of the best quality products you’ll ever find anywhere in the market. Please scroll through our online shop to see some of the best deals and stylish, affordable vaping products. Feel free to reach out to us if you need any additional information on the products we offer or provide some feedback. We love to hear from you.

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