Winter Vaping Tips You Should Know
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Winter Vaping Tips You Should Know

The ease of use of cigarettes is one element that works in their favour.

Simply take one out of the packet, light your match, and take in the cloud of harmful soot and CO.

Additionally, it is just as simple in all weather, which is fortunate given that smoking is still permitted outside almost exclusively (most of the time). However, as long as you protect your smokes from severe rain, they won’t be affected by the weather while you could. In essence, the season is irrelevant when working with equipment as archaic as a cigarette.

The fact that e-cigarettes are technologically far superior to the older combustibles makes them better, but it can also occasionally result in problems.

One cause of problems during cold weather is that some of them might be very perplexing. The good news is that as long as you know how to set up your equipment correctly, you may continue vaping throughout the winter with no issues at all.

Though it’s coming close to that time of year, and many weather predictors and migratory swans say it will be a long, chilly wait before spring returns, here is our comprehensive guide to winter vaping.

9 Tips to Maximize your Winter Vaping Experience

Tips to Maximize your Winter Vaping Experience1. E-cig Batteries in Winter

The cold is not pleasant to batteries. Any battery must undergo an internal chemical reaction to function; a cooled battery will undergo the electrochemical reaction more slowly. E-cigarette batteries may function at a lower voltage, recharge more slowly, and maintain their charge for a shorter period of time when the temperature gets colder.

Try not to expose your vape batteries to the elements by keeping them carefully tucked away in a suitable vaping case or sleeve. Avoid leaving them in cars overnight, and attempt to replace batteries inside.

2. Keep Warm

Naturally, keeping things warm applies to more than just your e-cigarette. You should dress warmly because vaping outside in the winter is obviously extremely different from doing so in the summer. It’s still sound advice that your parent gave you when you were a child. Gloves may be especially important if the wind is bitingly cold since you will need to take your e-cigarette out of your pocket with at least one hand. Take advantage of the chance if indoor vaping is permitted where you are.

3. Drip tips, frozen lips

A significant quantity of heat may be stored in a mod or a tank of liquid. As a result, it often takes some time for it to warm up to the temperature of its surroundings. However, a drip tip is substantially smaller and is now primarily comprised of steel.

Many of them have insulated bases to prevent high-powered coils from overheating, but in really cold temperatures, the same insulation can cause the drip tip to quickly become much colder than the rest of the device. The mod may seem warm enough in your palm, but you could be in for a little surprise when the tip comes into contact with your lips.

Metal has the unwanted property of making your skin cling to it below freezing. That’s terrible because coming into contact with cold metal may induce frostbite extremely quickly and effectively. Your lips’ delicate skin is especially susceptible to it and can be uncomfortable. Winter is a great time to switch to a non-metallic drip tip; POM or other plastics work well.

4. Beware of clouds

Your breath may be seen when it’s this chilly. This occurs when your breath’s water vapour condenses into small droplets and ice as you exhale. This also implies that the vapour clouds you exhale will hang in the air for a lot longer.

Be careful when driving because your vapour will not evaporate nearly as rapidly if you breathe in a chilly vehicle. Keep a window slightly ajar to allow the vapours to escape.

5. Avoid condensation

E-cigarettes should be stored well away from moisture, just like any electronic gadget. Due to how rapidly condensation develops in the cold, this is particularly challenging.

Your gadget might malfunction if moisture is on the electrical contacts and in the battery compartment.

Store your e-cigarette in a case or bag to prevent this from happening.

6. Give your lips some T.L.C.

It is common knowledge that cold weather is terrible for your lips. Unfortunately, vaping can exacerbate chapped lips. When vaping in cold weather, users are more likely to have dry, flaky, cracked lips; thus, staying hydrated is crucial. Nobody wants their lips to be chapped and crusty while inhaling vape smoke. That is not only unpleasant, but it also lacks charm. To prevent the dreaded lip chap, consistently consume water and use lip balm.

7. Switch up your flavours for vaping in cold weather

At Frunk Bar, diversity is a priority. All of our goods come in various exciting, distinctive flavours that go with the mood all year long. To keep things new and establish the mood, it’s a fantastic idea to switch around the tastes as the seasons change. We believe that choosing a taste that complements the cool weather is preferable for winter vaping. Seasonal tastes like Watermelon Splash and Cool Pineapple are ideal for this homey time of year.

On the other hand, there are a lot of folks we know who want to keep the summertime spirit alive all year long, even when forced to vape in chilly conditions. Then, even when it’s snowing outside, tropical flavours like our Orange Breezer can keep you in the mood for a tropical getaway.

8. Readjust Your PG/VG Proportion

You might find it amusing to learn how the cold significantly alters how e-juice feels as it touches your throat. Typical vape juice is made up of a collection of molecules, each of which has a freezing point. The fact that water makes up the majority of taste molecules suggests that they often freeze in cold conditions. However, there are alcohol molecules that thaw at temperatures below the true freezing point of water (0 °C).

The e-liquid thickens in colder conditions. Your throat hit will undoubtedly be less severe despite the thicker, heavier vapour clouds. Therefore, be careful to increase the amount of propylene glycol during cold weather if you want to lean toward high amounts.

9. Sharing isn’t always caring

Typically, puff, puff, pass, and a fun Frunk Bar session with buddies are what we do. However, you might want to be a little more frugal while vaping in the cold. If the post-pandemic era has taught us anything, it is how crucial it is to stop the spread of germs. Cold weather vaping coincides with flu season vaping. Today, it is a fact that COVID and flu symptoms are quite similar. Therefore, keep your vape to yourself this season to prevent the spread and ensure your safety and those of others around you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan E-Liquid Freeze?

If the weather is dreadful outside, one apparent concern you could have concerning your e-cigarette is if the e-liquid inside can freeze. The good news is that although it can freeze, it does not freeze as quickly as water does; thus, frozen pools at your feet don’t always indicate frozen e-liquid. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, the two primary ingredients of e-liquid, freeze at -12 degrees and -17 degrees Celsius, respectively, whereas water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, it must be extremely cold for e-liquid to freeze, albeit the exact temperature varies based on the specific combination of chemicals in each flavour. In the winter, you may need to pay particular attention to your clearomiser to guarantee top performance since your e-liquid won’t likely freeze into a popsicle; it may thicken when chilly.

Is vaping in cold weather dangerous?

We believe you should be OK as long as you aren’t vaping outside in subzero temps. When it’s freezing outside, vaping poses no significant physical risk. While there are certain things you can do to make the experience more pleasant, the quality of your distillate and your actual vape cartridge should be your main concerns.

The distillate inside your cartridge or disposable will probably flow considerably more slowly than it usually does because of the lower temperatures, and it may even become blocked. Although the vape juice’s viscosity is generally safe, the slower burn may tempt you to take longer, more frequent puffs, which isn’t really good for you. So go slowly. Instead of attempting to take a longer, stronger pull, simply relax and take pleasure in the steady burn.

When vaping in cold weather, it’s also important to bear in mind that the humidity is reduced. Vaping could dry up your throat because the air is becoming drier due to the decreased humidity. You could cough as a result of this. It’s not harmful, although it can be uncomfortable. So have water on hand, and if anything doesn’t seem right, listen to your body.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, just when the weather starts to get chilly, you don’t have to stop vaping outside. It’s still possible to have some great vaping experiences. Now that you are aware of what to anticipate, a little winter vaping may end up being your new favourite method of mental stimulation.

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